Paula Sageser web designer

About Paula

I am a communicator at heart. My degree is in organizational communications and much of my work history includes written communications as well as building good relationships between employees, employers and customers. I have done technical writing, creating documentation for software and hardware installations as well as process documentation for the VHA. Once I began building websites, I never looked back. I enjoy the creativity involved in designing sites, finding and editing graphics, and visual story-telling.
I grew up as an “air force brat” living on various air force bases my dad was stationed at. When he retired I got to experience the rural Utah lifestyle for many years, riding horses, farming, riding ATVs and spending time outdoors. I moved to Salt Lake City back in 1987 to attend the University of Utah and have been here ever since.

In her spare time:

I love to read and start a new book as soon as I finish one (SciFi and Fantasy primarily). I do a few crafts for fun, leatherworking and jewelry mainly. I enjoy online video games and regularly get together with family and friends for long-distance, shared games. I also enjoy medieval recreation activities – archery, drumming, bardic.

Her favorite food:

Really fresh halibut cooked sous vide in a light lemon marinade is something I wish I could find and afford to eat regularly. I can console myself with good dark chocolate though.