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Learn more about our complete list of services, and what “full-service marketing support” means with Elle Marketing.

Full-service marketing support at your fingertips.

“Full-service” is often used as another word for a one-stop shop. But at Elle Marketing & Events, we do more than just provide “service,” because our clients aren’t one-and-done. We want you to succeed in the way you define success, which means we’re there, doing everything we can to help, every step of the way.

Marketing Strategy

It all starts with strategy. Combining key data and impactful creative content, we’ll hand-craft a roadmap for every part of your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Content stretches far past social media posts. Elle Marketing can handle everything, from content marketing strategy services, to copywriting services, to visual assets like pitch decks and brand books.

Branding & Graphic Design

Your brand’s visual identity is the first element your potential customers will see. From logos, to photography, to brick-and-mortar signage, we can do it all.

Social Media Management

We take the word “management” seriously. That’s why we’re there from content strategy all the way to data analysis — and everything in between.

Strategic Events

The best way to spread brand awareness is by engaging with your community. We’ll help you plan, manage, promote, and execute key events to get your brand out there.

Photography & Videography

Imagery and video are the most effective ways to capture your brand story. Our photography services include everything from product photography to headshots, and our videography capabilities range from documentary-style to short-form social media content.

Website Design

Your brand’s website houses everything customers need to interact with your business. We’ll consult with you directly to develop a site that is both intuitive and beautiful.

Samuel Grenny

Samuel Grenny

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“I think the investments that we made in Elle Marketing have borne extraordinary fruit. We not only wouldn’t be here today, ready to build The Village, but we would also be fighting battles that we won six months ago if it wasn’t for their help. I would just say hire Elle Marketing.”

Samuel Grenny, Communications Dir., The Other Side

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