Kaitlyn strategy team

About Kaitlyn

I’m a born and raised Utahn and I’ve always been the creative type. When I was little I used to make movies with my friends or put on plays in our yard. I love reading and writing and got two bachelor’s degrees (Communication and English) and then went on to get my certificate in Social Media Marketing and my master’s degree in Digital Audience Strategy.

In her spare time:

I love to read, last year I read 60 books. This year I’m shooting for 100! I’m also a bit of a podcast junkie and I try to keep up with current events (you could say I’m a news junkie too haha!) I also enjoy running and being outside and traveling.

Her favorite food:

Right now, since I’m on the elimination diet–it’s all the things I can’t have. Pizza, bread, milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. If anyone knows of a gluten-free bread that’s actually good hit me up!

Her Morning Routine

I am very much NOT a morning person. It takes effort for me to get out of bed in the morning and I don’t do it willingly. Things that get me going are a hot shower, a good breakfast to get my energy up, and a mug of tea. I hate exercising in the morning, I always do it after work because I’ve been sitting all day.