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Meet Lydia Martinez

Why We’re Giving Back

We’re a proud Utah-based small business that is lucky enough to have amazing supporters, mentors, clients, and community around us. We’ve been pretty fortunate! So now it is time to pay it forward and give back to our amazing small business community.

Meet Lydia Martinez | Elle Marketing and Events


Lydia Martinez

Lydia Martinez

Elle Marketing & Events

Elle Marketing and Events

About Lydia

Lydia Martinez is the founder and CEO of Elle Marketing and Events. An entrepreneur at heart, Lydia started her first business at eight years old, selling tree-climbing lessons to neighborhood kids. After tackling over 11 years in strategic marketing, branding, social media, and event planning for powerhouse retailers Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods Market, Lydia decided to get back to her entrepreneurial roots. Lydia launched what was to become Elle Marketing 2009 purely as a consulting business on the side. However, in 2015 she left her corporate career to become a full-time entrepreneur. Since 2015, Elle Marketing has grown into a full-service creative marketing agency with a team of 25. While she now prefers to climb cliffs in her spare time, you may still find her willing to show you how to climb a tree.

“When I started my business, I was fortunate to have some amazing people supporting me – from mentors, coaches, fellow entrepreneurs, and clients. All of whom helped me when I was new at this gig. I understood marketing, but I didn’t know how to be a business owner. They helped me through the crazy ups and downs, and their generosity is literally why I’m in business today. I love this entrepreneurial community, and it only makes sense to pay it forward now!”

Elle Marketing and Events

At Elle Marketing and Events, we believe every business has a story. Our boutique marketing agency was founded to offer other creative companies dynamic ways to tell their brand story. To do this, we have an established, results-driven team of storytellers and a culture that supports our team so that they can show exceptional ingenuity and service to our clients.

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