By Heather King

Have you noticed that some of the most digestible information anyone needs on the internet is in the form of an infographic? You’ll find them in presentations, on websites, and as engaging social media posts. It turns out that infographics are the most versatile way of communicating an idea while being visually appealing to your audience. Let’s explore 5 reasons why your business should be using infographics right now.

Attention-grabbing Content

In this digital age, virtually everyone is looking at more condensed and focused forms of information. Infographics gather important data together and arrange them in an attractive and concise format. They stimulate the viewer’s brain and encourage them to digest everything in the message at a faster rate. 

Your business can capitalize on your customers’ shortened attention spans by creating engrossing infographics that explain what products you sell, what services you offer, or any other critical information you want to convey efficiently. Consider interactive infographics that allow viewers to connect with the data, leading to higher engagement and retention rates.


Boost Social Media Engagement

We all know that scroll-stopping visuals are a critical component of your digital marketing strategy. And that means that along with beautiful photography, you’ll find that infographics are commonplace content on social media platforms today. 

Whether your business wants to share statistics, charts, or fun facts, an infographic is a great way to show it. The image-centric nature of infographics makes them easy to share, and as a result, they become content that’s easy for your customers to engage with. Infographics, if regularly shared with adequate hashtags, can elevate your online presence without significant additional investment.

Simplifies Complex Information

At times, your business might want to introduce products, services, or ideas that are too complex for the average person to fully comprehend simply by reading about them. An  infographic can break down these complicated ideas into easy-to-understand visual bites. A well-designed infographic should answer consumers’ questions and make what you’re sharing relevant and attractive to them.

Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Infographics which include relevant keywords can dramatically improve your search engine visibility. Infographics can attract visitors to your website, which increases website traffic. Engaging infographics tend to be shared more frequently too, so those increased views and inbound links to the website can improve your ranking on search engines.


Increase Conversion Rates

Whether your business involves selling a product or a service, the reason you’re in business is to convert customers to buy what you’re offering. By presenting information in a way that’s easy to understand, you’ll keep visitors on your website or social media longer—giving them more opportunity to make a purchase or fulfill your call to action. Visitors will have a better understanding of what problem your products or services solve and how it can help them—meaning increased conversion rates leading to purchases.

Start Telling Your Story with Infographics

In the world of digital marketing, the more your business recognizes and adapts to changes in trends, the more likely you’ll draw visitor to your website and convert sales. Infographics provide a visually appealing and easy-to-digest method to convey complex information in simple, eye-catching ways that customers are more likely to pay attention to. By recognizing how this important visual can be used to tell your brand story, the more engagement and success your business will enjoy.

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