As we wind down what some claim is one of the worst years in modern history, everyone seems ready to turn their gaze to 2021. For businesses and marketers, that means taking a look at the projected marketing trends for 2021.

While some entries on the list will prove perennial contenders for trend lists, some will go off in new directions. Are you prepping your marketing plans for next year? 


One of the longest-standing marketing trends is polishing your website SEO. That means making sure your site performs without a flaw on mobile devices. Otherwise, you risk the wrath of Google.

It also means continuing your quest to deliver relevant and insightful content about your business, products, or industry. Please don’t ignore your blog in that quest since it’s a simple and cost-effective delivery tool.

A 2021 marketing trend you should keep in mind is that Instagram changed its search feature. So, make sure you get a keyword or two into your post captions.

Social Action

A certain percentage of customers always responded to businesses that embraced social responsibility. TOMS Shoes built a remarkably successful business on it. With so many social outrages perpetrated in the last year, many customers upped their game.

Now, they expect their favorite brands to undertake social action. In general, that will take public positions on social issues and provide tangible support.


Video remains a growing mainstay of marketing. In fact, around half of consumers want video content from the brands they buy.

Ever tried your hand at video before? You can take it in several directions, such as:

  • Interviews
  • Product Intros
  • Webinars

If you feel a bit impersonal, you can take a stab at building brand/culture videos. For example, if you sell extreme sports gear, you could show employees or the CEO testing new gear.


Personality is one of the great intangibles, but it’s also becoming increasingly relevant for all social media channels. You see it in particular on YouTube, where most niches enjoy coverage already. Standing out relies on the intangibles of personality.

Another entry in recent market trends is LinkedIn’s shift into a more conversational approach. It will force businesses and individuals to lean into their unique personalities as well. You’ll need to ask questions or cover topics in a voice that people identify immediately as you and interesting.

Leveraging the Marketing Trends for 2021

Leveraging the marketing trends for 2021 means picking your battles. If your SEO game isn’t locked down, start with that. It’s critical.

Not everyone shines on video, but almost everyone watches it. Develop a comfort level with it. You can’t afford to overlook this trend. 

Social action is tricky ground, but you should probably steer clear unless you hear an outcry from your customers.

As for personality, just be yourself.

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