The story of Cache Toffee


Cache Toffee started in the kitchen of the founder, Lori Darr. She began making the toffee her mother taught her, and in the process, she began experimenting with new flavor and texture combinations. She first started gifting her toffee to her friends and family. After she noticed her toffee was a success, she decided to go a little further and moved into a commercial kitchen and made it official to sell it on markets nationally.

Cache Toffee & Elle Marketing and Events

Back in February 2019, Lori Darr met Lydia Martinez. They got in touch and started talking about Lori’s expectations and struggles at that time with Cache Toffee. 

The Challenge  

After a couple of years selling their unique toffee, they were facing some issues. Cache Toffee wanted to grow awareness of their product and their company. They didn’t have any social media presence whatsoever. Social media content, especially food media content, should be appealing and attractive to the site; at that time, Cache Toffee images were not the best and needed to improve in that area too.  

They also wanted to grow their online ordering and broaden the locations that their toffee was being sold.


The Strategy 

After determining all the needs that Cache Toffee had, it was time to develop a social media strategy plan that would help tell the stories behind the toffee and how it makes a significant differentiator from any other company that sells toffee. 

We focused on telling the story, telling the customers that Cache Toffee is hand-crafted, uses the best ingredients available, and is a luxury toffee product. We also wanted to emphasize that Cache Toffee is a story of traditions since Lori follows her mother’s steps and transforms her love for her family into toffee. Some of the strategies implemented were:

  • High-Quality Photography: it creates a visual brand identity and helps gain attention from the audience. 
  • Social Media Ads: Regular social media ads targeted to potential customers.
  • Videos: Regular video posts to generate interest and engagement with how the process of toffee is made.
  • E-blast: special monthly emails to our customers with unique information.


The Results

We worked with Cache Toffee to ensure the digital footprint’s entirety was weaving a clear and cohesive message about their brand story they needed to be known for. 

Cache Toffee’s social channels have transmitted a loving and family feel that has captured fans and followers. The amazing photos and videos published continue to get high engagement which results in sold toffee. Here are some key takeaways from the impact: 

  • Facebook Impressions: Increased by 10,483% 
  • Audience Net Growth: 378%
  • Video Views: Over 7,000 


Cache Toffee Case Study Elle Marketing and Events
Cache Toffee Case Study Elle Marketing and Events
Cache Toffee Case Study Elle Marketing and Events

“Lydia and the team at Elle Marketing and Events have been handling our social media channels and brand photoshoots for almost two years. The care and creativity they put into our brand messaging have made all the difference for our growing business.”

Lori Darr, Founder and Toffee Maker, Cache Toffee Collection


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