Market Source Real Estate and Elle Marketing 

Elle Marketing and Events has been in business since 2015. Throughout our business journey, we have had incredible clients and produced amazing, unique projects. We want to introduce one of our first clients in our agency, Monique Higginson, founder of Market Source Real Estate. Within months of launching Elle Marketing, Market Source became one of our first clients and Monique has become Lydia’s long-time friend. Over 5 years later, both their personal and business relationships have become stronger as they’ve worked together to grow Market Source into what it is today.

About Market Source

Monique Higginson started her real estate business in 2002, and since then, it has grown significantly. Her extensive knowledge of property management, corporate relocations, and investment gives her a competitive edge over other area agents. 

Monique wants her customers to feel confident and enjoy the process of buying their dream home. She is passionate about educating buyers and sellers and committed to going above and beyond her client’s expectations and needs. But Monique does more for her community than only selling houses. She is well-connected and is actively involved with local non-profit organizations. 

The Challenge 

In early 2016, Monique came to Lydia, asking for a marketing consultation for her business. Social media has become one of the best ways for real estate agents to connect with potential buyers. It’s essential to have a defined brand so that you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

However, nowadays, it’s not just about standing out. It’s also about connecting with potential and current clients on a more personal level. Monique’s challenges were a lack of personal branding and strategy, inconsistent social media management, unengaging content, and an outdated website. None of this helped to convert leads to potential clients. That’s where Elle Marketing came in.

The Strategy

After their consultation, Lydia developed a cohesive social media brand and website strategy to accomplish high-quality business results. One of the strategy‘s first steps was to create a personal branding plan to help Monique differentiate Market Source in the competitive real estate industry. 

Elle Marketing and Events also targeted the right audience and optimized all of Market Source’s social media pages to draw attention to qualified leads. Other features Elle Marketing and Events implemented include:

  • Monthly Newsletters: Helped with client communication, kept clients informed, generated leads and built client trust.
  • Blogs: Generated traffic on the website, helped the website’s visibility because of constant, audience-specific content, and boosted SEO.
  • Social Media Ads: Designed Facebook ads that captured leads and converted them into buyers. 
  • Video: Attracted viewers and showcased real estate properties in more detail. 


The Results 

Since the implementation of Elle Marketing’s strategy, Market Source Real Estate has grown substantially on all social media platforms and significantly increased traffic and interactions with its website. Here are some key takeaways from the impact: 


  • Facebook Impressions: Increased by 1,000% 
  • Website Visits: Over 30,000 
  • Website Engagement: Increased by 880%
  • Audience Net Growth: 267%
  • Video Views: Over 70,000 


Now, Lydia is fully integrated with the Market Source team and is considered part of the organization. Lydia and Monique are excited to keep developing Monique’s company and their relationship.

“Working with Elle Marketing and Events has helped us nearly double our business revenues since we started working with them in the past 5 years. Highly recommended for any small or larger business.

Monique Higginson

Owner, Market Source Real Estate


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