Over 500,000 people in the U.S. live unhoused which isn’t the American Dream at its best. From drug addiction to jail time and the loss of social support networks, there are many reasons people find themselves without a permanent living space. 

What if there was a way to help? The Other Side Village aims to do just that!

What is the Other Side Village? It’s a planned community of tiny homes that will change lives for the better. 

Learning Skills

The Other Side Academy was the brainchild of Joseph Grenny after his family’s brush with drug addiction. He saw a need to teach former inmates new skills so they could make the transition from prisoners to functioning members of society.

At The Other Side Academy, students gain much-needed vocational skills that lead to self-reliance, which helps the unhoused get back on their feet.  

The residents learn valuable skills, such as digital marketing services. Graduates use the power of social entrepreneurship to build businesses. Since the Academy started businesses with its own graduates, the organization is now financially independent. 

The Academy has been teaching students for about six years now. It’s given students the chance at new jobs, circles of like-minded friends, and a safe community. 

Building Community

The Other Side Village is an envisioned tiny home village with a plan for about 400 tiny homes. Each resident that comes into the village will have their own home with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

lack of access to social services is a big problem for the unhoused. At the Other Side Village, the residents will have access to the services they need. 

The more important part of the village is the community aspect. The culture is one of self-reliance and responsibility, with residents taking care of cleanliness, safety, and other needs. 

When an unhoused person applies to the village, he has an interview with current residents and potential neighbors. There’s no red tape or bureaucracy to wade through. A direct connection with future neighbors happens right from the beginning. 

New residents have a housewarming and welcome to the neighborhood. They learn about volunteering in the community and how to improve their circumstances through work opportunities.

Telling The Other Side Village Story

Elle Marketing and Events jumped at working with The Other Side Village. At Elle Marketing and Events, we are passionate about helping the homeless and telling their stories. Our team has invested in visiting homeless encampments and learning the stories first-hand. 

The Other Side Academy is changing lives, and The Other Side Village will too, and Elle Marketing is getting the word out. We pride ourselves on being an extension of the team. We are helping the Other Side Village tell its story, and we’d love to help others tell their stories too. 

Lydia Martinez The Other Side Village Elle Marketing and Events

The Other Side Village: Working to Change the World

The Other Side Village is a unique community working to change the world, one unhoused person at a time. Through self-reliance, accountability, and a family environment, this village is a model for the future. 

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