We want to introduce you to Hugo Coffee Roasters, one of our beloved clients with a unique mission. Hugo is looking to save animals with one cup of coffee at a time. Keep reading to learn more about Hugo Coffee, your new favorite fair-trade coffee shop.

The History of Hugo Coffee

Hugo Coffee Roasters was founded by company-owner Claudia McMullin in 2015. Claudia’s goal in starting Hugo Coffee was to control the quality of her coffee and impact the world of animal rescue.

Before Hugo Coffee and before being involved in animal rescue in Utah, Claudia was a Wall Street attorney in New York City. But even during her time practicing law, she always knew that her true passion was elsewhere.

And what was and still is her true passion? Animal rescue, of course!

Now, Claudia gets to live her true passion of animal rescue every day as the owner and operator of Hugo Coffee Roasters.

The Company Mission

Claudia remarketed Hugo Coffee in 2018 to be a company based on a social mission. They now have a dedication to helping save animals in need through roasting and selling delicious fair-trade coffee. Along with their mission, Hugo Coffee aims to bring fair-trade roasts to coffee lovers nationwide.

Partners Hugo Coffee Supports

As a company, Hugo Coffee partners with local charitable programs to help to advance its mission of protecting animals. In addition, Hugo Coffee directly supports organizations like Nuzzles & Co.

Before Claudia founded Hugo Coffee Roasters, she worked as their executive director. As executive director, she started the Purple Paw Program to aid domestic violence survivors and their pets. The Purple Heart Program provides survivors with a safe place to leave their pets while they seek refuge and permanent housing solutions.

Hugo Coffee Roasters also partners with Paws for Life by underwriting the KPCW weekly Adoptable Moment. Every week the KPCW radio station and its social media pages feature one or two new pets up for adoption. Since its start, Adoptable Moment has helped over 190 pets find their forever homes!

Visit Hugo Coffee’s website to find out more about these life-saving programs and their other partners.

Shop Hugo Coffee Roasters

You don’t have to be a local to enjoy Hugo Coffee. Their coffee roasts are available to buy online for delivery anywhere in the contiguous US. To order, you can send an email to order@hugo-coffee.com or call Hugo Coffee at (435) 655-5051.

Hugo Coffee Roasters X Elle Marketing and Events

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