Successful marketing campaigns aren’t all that keeps those hardy businesses afloat. However, they can be a tremendous help. A drip campaign is one such type of often successful marketing campaign. By combining timing and personalization, drip campaigns can help you nurture leads, increase customer engagement, drive sales conversions, and more!

Read on to learn how you can boost your marketing efforts with drip campaigns. 

What Is Drip Marketing? 

Plop, plop, plop! Like raindrops, emails in a drip marketing campaign “drip” into your customer’s inbox. What’s even better is the fact you can set this up to happen automatically. 

For example, you can email customers weekly after they sign up for a newsletter. You can also send solo emails to customers when they perform specific actions. Many businesses send customers emails after leaving items in their cart, for instance. 

Essentially, drip campaign marketing is how a business keeps in touch with its audience. As a lonely business is a broke business, you should want to include an email drip campaign in your marketing plans. 


How to Create Drip Campaigns

Unfortunately, you can’t just imagine marketing drip campaigns into existence. Creating one involves careful planning and creation. Read on to learn the steps you should take to create the best drip campaign you can muster.

1. Get the Right Software

You don’t want some poor employee sending out each marketing email manually. Employees need to sleep, and certain software programs perform these tasks faster. Research different sales campaign tools and choose which one you think looks best.

2. Set a Goal

All ships at sea need a destination. It will get lost if you don’t know where the S.S. Awesome Drip Campaign is going. Figure out your campaign’s goal so you can plan a route to get there.

3. Plan Your Campaign

At this point, it’s time to get out the map and start planning the route to that “X.” Consider things like who the campaign’s audience is and what actions you think they will take. You should also carefully decide on the number of emails to send and when to remove someone from the campaign.

4. Create Your Content

And now, it’s time to start loading the ship for the voyage! Make sure that the emails you create are effective. They should also be friendly and personable and not full of corporate jargon.

5. Launch Your Campaign

Now that you’ve set everything up, it’s time to launch your campaign. Bon Voyage!

We’ll Create the Perfect Email Marketing Campaigns For You

It might take you a few tweaks to get your drip campaigns perfect. However, you need to keep at it! Sooner than you think, you will see the results of your efforts pay off.

And we can help you every step of the way. At Elle Marketing, we can provide all the content your brand will need for any campaign. This includes marketing drip campaigns.

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