So much to do, so little time! The average American goes to 8,640 social events in their lifetime. Yet odds are, you only remember a few of the events you went to. 

If you want to create an event that people will remember, you need a good event marketing plan. The first step in your plan is to take a look at creative event marketing strategies. 

Who can help you with how to market events? How can you encourage people to show up? How can you send the message to people unaware of your event? 

Answer these questions, and you can launch memorable events in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Partner With Influential People

Many people attend events just because they want to hear important people speak. You should try to find a keynote speaker who is influential in your industry. Or you can ask a celebrity or politician to speak.

You should also partner with influencers to promote your event. They can use their large social media followings to spread the word. 

Create a Website for Your Event

At a minimum, your event should have its own landing page on your website. But you can create a new website for your event, especially if you have many things to share. 

Make sure your website loads quickly and looks good to the eye. You should link back to your main website so visitors can know what your company is about.

You may want to create a logo for your event that reflects what the event is about. You can use color psychology and color theory to create an interesting palette of colors that creates positive emotions in the minds of your guests. Bright colors can be stimulating and upbeat, while darker colors can be soothing and conservative. 

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Make Registration Easy

Your landing page or event website should have a link to register for the event. You should keep registration fees low, and you should never charge someone for using the internet or their credit card to register. Once a guest has registered, they should receive an email confirming their details.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the easiest tools for event promotion. You can send your followers links to your event website and share posts from influencers about your event. You can also answer questions from your followers.

If you write event marketing posts, you should keep them short and sweet. Try to focus on visuals, like photographs of your venue or the stage where your speakers will be. Capture your brand through photography by taking images of your products and important employees.

Understand Creative Event Marketing Strategies

Event marketing strategies are simple yet profound. You should work with important people on event marketing tips. You should create a separate webpage or website for your event, so interested guests can get full details.

Make the registration process simple and inexpensive. Use social media to share interesting images about your event and answer questions from potential guests. Try making a few posts every day to spread the word.

You don’t have to plan and market your event alone. Elle Marketing and Events serves the Salt Lake City area. Contact us today.