There’s nothing worse than working diligently on your Facebook posting strategy or content calendar and seeing little to no engagement on those posts.

You feel like you wasted your time and aren’t making ground in building your brand or business.

Before you give up, it might be time to consider stepping up your strategy to meet your audience where they are in the increased usage of Facebook. So take the stress out of Facebook and read on for five Facebook marketing tips to increase engagement and add value to your audience.

1. Experiment with Different Post Types

The first thing you might try to boost engagement is to brainstorm Facebook post ideas. You won’t know what your target audience likes or wants from you unless you try a bit of variety. 

There are five basic types of posts for Facebook:


Facebook text posts are essentially status updates. Text posts are not best for conversions or driving web traffic, but they are helpful with starting conversations with your audience.


Pictures grab the attention of your audience. You can use photos that flow well with your brand and communicate something specific. For example, if your business sells a product, using pictures will be imperative to post.


Starting a Facebook Live can build engagement quickly as your audience has the chance to interact with you on a personal level.

Whether you are hosting a Q&A session or offering quick training, your audience will get to experience you and the heart of your business. 


If it makes you nervous to think about going live on Facebook, start with recording videos. Upload videos directly to Facebook, making sure your video is optimized to play without sound.


To drive traffic to your website, you can use a link post. For example, you can share a link to your blog on your site or to another piece of content that would be of high value to your audience.

2. Use Images and Videos for Greater Engagement

The power of images and videos is worth focusing on within your Facebook posting strategies. Using images can convey a specific message to your audience, drive conversions, and build your brand. 

Videos give your potential customers the chance to know you, understand your brand or products, or glean high-value content they can immediately apply to their lives.

3. Create Custom Audiences for Targeted Marketing

Using custom audiences helps you get the right message to the right people at the right time. Give your business an edge over others by defining your audience and knowing how to reach them with a message they need to hear.

There are a few different options for identifying your Facebook custom audiences:

  • Website Custom Audiences
  • App Activity Custom Audiences
  • Customer List Custom Audiences
  • Engagement Custom Audiences

Each focuses on nurturing warm leads as these audiences are people who already know your business.

4. Ask Questions to Start a Conversation

Questions automatically request engagement that not all other posts do. A good question will get your audience to think about their response.

The benefit of the engagement using a question post is that people are often curious about how others respond. Try brainstorming a list of questions you can work into your content strategy rotation.

5. Monitor Your Progress and Adjust Your Strategy Accordingly

Tracking your stats and data will provide information on what type of posts performed well, the best time to post on Facebook, and track audience engagement.

As you notice trends, whether positive or negative, you can make adjustments to keep refining your strategy. Use Facebook Manager Analytics to learn all the insights. 

Develop Your Facebook Posting Strategy and Build Engagement

Building engagement on Facebook can seem like an experiment. The benefit of developing a Facebook posting strategy and tracking your data will show itself in the response you get from your audience.

If you need support in creating and implementing your plan, connect with us. We can help take the pressure of marketing on Facebook off your shoulders.