Elle Marketing and Events Announces Fox School of Wine as the Recipient of the Prestigious Marketing Grant for Growth

Grant for Growth, Press Release

Elle Marketing and Events is thrilled to announce that the Fox School of Wine, a renowned institution offering unique wine education experiences in Northern Utah, has been selected as the recipient of the highly-coveted Marketing Grant for Growth.

Founded in 2008 by Kirsten Fox in Park City, Utah, Fox School of Wine has revolutionized the concept of wine education by blending it with entertaining historical tours and events. Starting with engaging wine classes, Kirsten Fox’s venture rapidly expanded, combining her deep wine knowledge and a passion for local history to create memorable experiences like the Mines & Wines and Saints & Sinners tours.

Fox School of Wine stands out for its innovative approach to wine education.

Their unique policy emphasizes enjoyment, connection, and learning through laughter, storytelling, and tastings. With a team of 25 dedicated professionals, the school now conducts over 100 tours annually, becoming a top activity choice for both visitors and locals.


The Marketing Grant for Growth by Elle Marketing and Events, aimed at supporting and empowering businesses with a significant impact on their community, recognizes the unique contributions of Fox School of Wine to the cultural and educational landscape of Northern Utah. This grant will enable Kirsten Fox and her team to further expand their offerings and continue to provide unparalleled wine education experiences in the Salt Lake Valley, beyond their Park City home base.


We are deeply impressed by the Fox School of Wine’s commitment to blending education with entertainment.

“We are deeply impressed by the Fox School of Wine’s commitment to blending education with entertainment. Their innovative approach to wine education is not just about tasting; it’s about creating a comprehensive experience that includes history, culture, and community,” said Lydia Martinez, owner of Elle Marketing and Events. “We believe this grant will help Fox School of Wine to reach new heights, expand, and continue to offer exceptional experiences to their participants.”


Kirsten Fox, the visionary behind Fox School of Wine, expressed her gratitude and excitement about the future possibilities this grant opens up. “Thanks to you all for the hard work of choosing a company out of all the great ones that I’m sure applied. We are so appreciative of the help you’re offering to take us to the next level.”

For more information about Fox School of Wine and their unique offerings, please visit


268 Main St, Park City, UT 84060, United States

About Fox School of Wine

Fox School of Wine, formerly Park City School of Wine, is an independent, non-denominational wine education school located in Park City, Utah, that, since October of 2008, has been committed to excellence in the intellectual, ethical, gastronomical and enological development of our students. We offer fun wine education through our our Park City wine tasting classes and tours, our corporate wine productions, and our events.

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