Instagram Reels is the latest social media feature you need to master as a small or medium business. Introduced in 2020, Reels are short videos that focus on creativity and fun and usually feature stickers, special effects, and music.

Read more to discover why your business should use Reels as a critical part of its marketing strategy.

Get Your Content on the Explore Page

Reels are one of Instagram’s newest features and directly compete with the global sensation video-sharing app TikTok. Instagram pushes Reel content on the app to keep users watching videos on its platform rather than moving to others.

The Explore Page displays content that Instagram suggests to users based on their interests. This means of all the content you post, Reels are the most likely to be shown on the Explore Page and organically discovered by Instagram users who do not follow you.

So, if you want Instagram growth, your business has got to start posting Reels.

Increase Engagement With Followers

Your followers are more likely to watch shorter videos like Reels, and if they watch your content to the end, then they’re more likely to like, comment, or share.

And the more engagement you have with your followers, the more likely you are to be discovered by other users!

As a small or medium business, Reels allow you to create a community with your followers, and the tighter the community, the more likely it is to grow.

Showcase Your Business in a Unique Way

While a lot of Instagram’s marketing strategy is about posed, stylized images or illustrations, this doesn’t work well in Reels.

Reels do well when people are front and center, so the focus of your content has to shift too.

Using Reels allows you to showcase different parts of your business, giving it a human touch and some authenticity – something Instagram users don’t see from business accounts.

Why You Should be Doing Reels Right Now as Part of Your Strategy Elle Marketing and Events

Post-Behind-The-Scenes Videos

It’s important to post a range of content as part of your Instagram strategy to keep your followers interested.

Other than regular posts, there are three types of videos you can make on Instagram: Reels, stories, and IGTV videos. Using the different video formats diversifies your content, keeping it fresh and interesting.

Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to change your content and promote your other posts that viewers might have missed. They can also be used to create hype for your products or services.

Repurpose Content

Do you have a bank of content that never saw the light of day? Repurpose it! If it didn’t work for your original plan, it could probably work as footage for a Reel.

Or maybe you have clips from interviews or longer videos. Snippets of those can work well for Reels too!

Reels don’t always need original content. The goal is to be creative and fun.

So don’t think of them as a whole new step in your marketing strategy! Instead, use the content you’ve already made and repurpose it for Reels.

Incorporate Reels Into Your Growth Strategy

Now that you know the importance of Instagram Reels for your growth strategy, it’s time to start storyboarding those ideas and getting those videos out there!

And while you’re on the topic of using short videos in your marketing strategy, make sure you learn how to use TikTok to grow your business too.