If you’re not using LinkedIn to its fullest potential, you’re missing out. LinkedIn has 310 million active monthly users, yet only 3 million share content weekly. With such a small percentage of users engaging regularly, LinkedIn offers the opportunity for small businesses and personal brands to stand out.

If you own a small business and struggle to gain visibility, growing your brand on LinkedIn can help you reach potential customers. Here are five things you should be doing on LinkedIn to help further your career. 

1. Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn: Optimize Your Profile

LinkedIn works as a search engine, letting people find you based on keywords. So choose the right keywords through which potential clients can find you and apply them to your job title, headline, summary, and job descriptions.

Complete your profile. A complete profile demonstrates that you are actively engaged within the LinkedIn platform.

Include a photo. Profiles that include a photo representative of their brand receive more views than those that do not. You also want to add a headline that works as your brand’s tagline.

Using the Summary and Experience sections, tell your story.

2. Take a Skills Assessment

LinkedIn now allows you to showcase your skills by taking a skills assessment. These tests are designed by LinkedIn learning experts and are based on a content creation and review process.

The assessment is timed, and your score will be private by default. However, if you score in the 70th percentile or higher, you will have the choice of sharing that score.

3. Connect With Other Professionals

LinkedIn recommends building connections with other professionals in your field for brand awareness. So don’t be shy about asking your connections to introduce you to people on their networks.

If you want to connect with someone you do not know, add a personal message explaining why you want to add them to your network.

5 Things You Should Be Doing on Your Personal LinkedIn Elle Marketing and Events

4. Participate in Discussions

Go through your LinkedIn feed and participate in the content. Commenting, sharing, and liking posts will help you build relationships. In addition, LinkedIn has groups you can join that work like forums, letting you engage with professionals whose interests align with yours.

You want people to see you as an expert in your field, and offering meaningful content builds your brand’s reputation.

5. Share Articles and Insights

LinkedIn allows you to write articles on the site, letting them appear on your network’s feed.

You can post sections of articles and direct readers to find the full version on your site, or you can syndicate content from your blog or site and re-post it on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn as a Resource for Networking Opportunities

LinkedIn allows you to build your network and expand your brand’s reach. You can become a leading voice in your field with the right connections.

At Elle Marketing and Events, we offer social media management and marketing strategies to help you with your personal brand on LinkedIn. Our team specializes in finding the best way to tell your brand’s story.

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