LinkedIn doesn’t get the same kind of headlines as other social media sites, but it’s still a powerful presence with around 900 million users worldwide. Of course, setting up a profile isn’t enough.

You need the right kind of LinkedIn profile details to attract attention. In other words, your profile must shine a positive light on your brand. The correct information can also help attract the employees you want for your business.

Not sure how to rework your profile for personal branding on LinkedIn? Here are some essential tips to help you achieve better brand visibility on the site.

Optimize Your Headline

When you think of LinkedIn, the odds are good that your mind doesn’t immediately jump to search engine optimization. Yet, everything on your LinkedIn profile is content that algorithms check for relevance.

While not all SEO lessons translate one-to-one on LinkedIn profiles, at least one lesson does.

Optimize your headline. In fact, you should treat that as fundamental to your entire online branding strategy.

There are a lot of elements to a good headline, but these are the big things. Headlines should be short, clear, and generate a reaction.


Use a Professional Profile Photo

Bad images make for lousy branding. That applies to brands big and small.

Of course, with personal branding, you are your brand. Therefore, you should consider getting a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile picture. Pro pictures do better and, almost without fail, look better.

You should also get your images in a lossless photo format to shrink them without losing clarity.

Customize Your LinkedIn URL

That URL is another way that you can advertise your brand. LinkedIn lets you customize the URL for your profile. So take advantage of that option! It’s an easy win for marketing businesses online.

Make sure that your entire brand name appears in the URL. It reinforces that visitors have found the right page. It also serves as another brand touchpoint between you and visitors.

Optimize Your About Section

Speaking of optimization, don’t ignore your about section. Discussing your unique value proposition (UVP) is a golden opportunity. Just don’t get carried away.

Boil that UVP down until it is as clear and concise as possible. The better someone understands why your brand is unique, the more likely they will buy into the idea.

Personal Branding on LinkedIn and You

It’s important to remember that the correct profile elements can boost your branding on LinkedIn. The good news is that you can achieve that goal in several ways.

Start with a short, clear, solid headline that will help generate a reaction. Use a professional headshot as your profile photo.

Customize your LinkedIn URL. It’s an easy win for personal branding, so don’t skip it. Instead, optimize your About section with a concise UVP.

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