LinkedIn is a powerful business tool that more and more people are using every day. If you’re not using LinkedIn, you’re missing out on opportunities to connect with potential customers and partners.

Posting on LinkedIn for your business does more than market your services. It builds authority, keeps you competitive, and helps you grow. Failing to take advantage of the benefits of having LinkedIn could leave you out of the loop.

Read on to learn more about why LinkedIn is crucial for your business in 2022 and beyond.

1. Differentiate From Your Competitors

Getting a LinkedIn business page will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. You’ll want to highlight what makes your business unique and robust on your page.

Tell your story. Build your brand. Establish authority. Highlight your credibility.

These feats, and so many more, are possible once you learn more about mastering LinkedIn.

2. Find Employees, Customers, and Partners

One of the surprising benefits of a LinkedIn profile is finding top-tier employees. Recent statistics suggest that 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn on a regular basis. On the platform, they’re able to find top-quality, skilled employees and recruit them.

You can do the same by using the platform’s “post a job” feature. You can also search for candidates with specific qualities or qualifications.

You’ll also be able to connect better with potential partners by posting about your goals—post about your projects, progress, and more. Soon, you’ll build a following of like-minded professionals.

Further, you can also connect better with your customers.

Why You Need a LinkedIn for Your Business News Elle Marketing and Events

3. Stay Up-To-Date on Industry News

As you build a following, you’ll likely notice posts from other professionals, too. So start following some of the other leaders in your industry. Of course, follow your competitors, too.


Doing so will help you stay up-to-date on what’s going on in your field. In addition, your competitors will surely post their successes and advancements online. So, you’ll be one of the first to know about them!

4. SEO Can Boost Your Business

Another great benefit of using LinkedIn is harnessing the power of SEO. If you use SEO marketing strategies on your page, then you can rank higher on search engines. As a result, you can boost your business to heights you never thought possible.

Even better, you can achieve this by simply producing quality content.

Making this quality content will attract leads. Even better, these leads will be quality ones that are very likely to convert. That’s because they organically found your page.

Are You Ready to Invest in LinkedIn for Your Business?

We’ve left out one of the best advantages of using LinkedIn for your business last. The entire platform is free to use! So you won’t have to pay to set up an account or post as much or as little as you’d like.

So, are you considering investing in this crucial professional social media platform?

If so, then you don’t want to go in blind. Consider consulting with our social media management experts first. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.