Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that content is king. In fact, small businesses that have blogs have a 126% higher lead growth than those without!

It’s clear that you need to create content to market your business better. But you can’t just throw everything at a wall and hope it sticks.

If you need organization tools for marketing and other tips, then you’re in the right place. 

Use a Content Management System

First, you need to come up with a way to organize your marketing material. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to find specific things and you might accidentally duplicate material as well.

Today, most businesses use a content management system or CMS. This is software that can manage your digital content. You can even use it to modify content in the future to keep it evergreen.

Use an Editorial Calendar

In addition to a CMS, you’ll need an editorial calendar. This allows you to keep track of what’s coming up, both on a general and granular level, as you can view things on a monthly, weekly, or daily scale.

Using a calendar like this can help you schedule and publish content on a cohesive and regular basis.

Keep All Assets in One Place

To further organize your content, you’ll want to keep all your assets in one place. If you don’t, you might waste time looking all over for a particular picture, infographic, whitepaper, etc.

Use Dropbox or Google Drive for everything from images to PDFs. Put everything into separate categories to easily find what you need.

Create Templates

You want your brand to have a consistent voice. So it makes sense to create templates for key documents like press releases, pitches, and social media posts. That way, whoever’s writing these pieces of content, they have a frame of reference and can replicate the tone and voice from previous posts.

Templates can also save you time. If you already have an outline of what needs to be in a social media post or pitch, you won’t have to spend hours sitting around fleshing it out.

Review and Update Content

You can’t just post content and not see how it does. Without checking the results, you’ll be going about your content marketing strategy blindly.

Schedule time on your calendar to review and update content weekly. Determine what topics and types of content marketing work for your brand and focus on those. If pieces are doing poorly, try to figure out why and tweak it so your strategy becomes stronger.

Use These Organization Tools for Marketing

With these organizational tools for marketing, you’re set to create killer content that’ll reach your desired audience effectively. More importantly, they’ll help your brand appear authoritative and put together.

However, you can always make things easier by hiring a content marketing specialist. Get in touch with us now. We can help as a full-service creative marketing agency!