Facebook is one of the most popular and powerful tools on the planet. Facebook’s impact is far-reaching, from e-commerce to breaking down social barriers. In fact, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most powerful private citizens in the world.

To maximize success, your company needs to use Facebook effectively. Read on to learn how to update your social media strategy. Explore the top 2021 Facebook trends so your company can generate more leads.

Facebook Video Marketing is HOT

Marketing agencies have learned that people prefer video content over written posts. Studies show social media users are more likely to engage with a company after watching video content.

Facebook is privy to these studies and is adjusting its business model accordingly. Other platforms like Snapchat have used video content effectively for years.

The Online Shopping Experience

While Facebook Shops was introduced in 2020, this new feature is just getting its legs going into 2021. Now, small businesses can directly sell products to their followers.

There are a few different ways to sell. Users can click a product and get redirected to a company’s website. Another option is to checkout and pays directly on the app.

Facebook News Feed

Facebook is embracing their involvement in the news. Major news sources are using Facebook as a medium to reach their audience.

The news does not have its own shortcut along with the top ribbon. Instead, news stories are showing up in the timeline. Facebook’s algorithm gears the news stories that appear on the timeline to your likes and preferences.

Push Play or Join Live

In addition to stories, businesses are increasingly using the Facebook Live feature. Here, companies can give their followers a live look into what they are working on. This feature is successful for big events like the Super Bowl or a holiday.

There is also the play button on the top ribbon. Here, you can watch music videos, news clips, and more video content.

More Stories

Facebook is prioritizing video stories by placing them at the top of the home screen. Both individuals and businesses are using this feature more often.

Businesses are highlighting exciting promotions and new products on their Facebook stories. This is a feature that draws inspiration from Snapchat’s successful model.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is going all-in on promoting groups. This initiative is so important to the company that they purchased a one-minute television spot during the Super Bowl.

Traditionally, belonging to a group is more relevant for individual users. However, businesses are discovering the value of joining groups as well. The value of group networking has been evident on LinkedIn.

Facebook already implemented an algorithm-based feed for group postings. Now, industry insiders are expecting Facebook to expand advertising to groups. This allows businesses to get in at the ground-level when group ads go live.

Increased Focus on the Customer Base

In 2021, Facebook is moving away from likes on a business page. Instead, they are placing focus on the number of followers that the business has.

This is a helpful change from a marketing perspective. Followers of a page receive updates from the business page. By eliminating likes, companies are going to have a better conversion rate.

A Recap of the Top 2021 Facebook Trends

Facebook is adapting its social media platform to better align with its customers’ expectations. They have added powerful features like Facebook Shops and enhanced video marketing.

Now, it is incumbent upon businesses to update their digital marketing plan. If you want to learn more about the top 2021 Facebook trends, contact us today to speak with a specialist.