Holiday marketing ideas can make you a lot of money. Yet you have to compete with many businesses to draw your customers’ attention. 

What are some creative ways you can market your company? How can you sell your products while building your legitimacy? What should you do to add personal touches to your marketing?

Answer these questions, and you can turn holiday cheer into hearty profits. Here is your quick guide. 

Create a Local Holiday Gift Guide

Many companies send out gift guides with their products. In addition, you can use social media marketing ideas to promote your own products as gifts. 

But it is a better idea to provide a comprehensive gift guide. Break down gifts category by category and then list products from local businesses. This lets you craft connections in your community and makes you seem authoritative on what to offer.

Send Out a Holiday Newsletter

You can follow several creative marketing ideas in a newsletter. For example, you can provide a tutorial on how customers can use your products or services during the holidays. You can also send out your gift guide or another guide to the holidays in a letter. 

Feel free to send out emails instead of paper letters. Emails can be cheaper, and they are more friendly to the environment. Make sure to follow email marketing tips in anything you send out.

Share a Blog Post

Your marketing campaign ideas should reflect who you are as a person. For example, write a personal blog post that discusses what you are thankful for. 

You don’t have to provide details that you want to keep secret. But give thanks for some things that people have done for you and offer hope for the following year. Plus, this can help optimize the SEO of your website.

Partner With Other Companies

When in doubt, ask other companies for marketing ideas for small businesses. But you can team up with another company to run a holiday event. 

You can pool your customer base with theirs and offer resources for the event. This is a great way to advertise what you offer while keeping things festive.

Offer Gift Cards

It is important to reward your loyal customers. Determine who your most loyal customers are and give them gift cards for your company. 

You can also run giveaways for your entire customer base. For example, you can ask your customers to share your social media posts or refer people to your company. The one that does the most work for you gets a gift card. 

The Best Holiday Marketing Ideas

It would help if you tried out new holiday marketing ideas and craft connections with other businesses by sending a holiday gift guide. You can send this guide in an email, or you can write a special newsletter.

Write a blog post about what you are thankful for. Then, if you want to have some fun, sponsor an event like a Yankee swap with another company. You can also offer gift cards to your loyal customers. 

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