As a small business, do you sometimes wonder if you even need a marketing budget? Maybe you’ve avoided the whole concept of marketing because you think it’s too complicated, too expensive, or not suitable for your business.

If that’s the case, here are some 2021 marketing myths you might have heard and the truth about them.

Myth 1: Marketing Is the Same As Advertising

You’re never restricted to traditional advertising when producing creative and innovative marketing campaigns on the web.

Marketing can be as simple as a content marketing strategy. Try creating a popular blog post that your customers share with their friends. Or make fun, viral content that builds a buzz on social media.

Myth 2: You Need a Big Budget

There are plenty of ways to market for free on the internet, providing you have some time and a little bit of ingenuity. If you do have a small budget, you don’t need to fear competing with big-budget advertisers.

Paying micro-influencers to promote your brand can be as powerful as a million-dollar ad campaign, providing it’s a product your audience will love.

Myth 3: It’s Only for Big Businesses

If you are a small business with loyal customers, you might even wonder if you need to spend time and money on marketing.

But marketing is a way of future-proofing your business in this increasingly competitive world. Even the smallest business can benefit from having a small digital presence and some carefully crafted promotional material. 

Myth 4: You Need Millions of Followers

Did you know that smaller social media accounts have a more engaged audience? With that in mind, even a following in the hundreds can be a highly effective way of promoting your small business.

The benefit of having a small audience for social media marketing is that you’ll have the opportunity to chat with them and get to know your customers personally.

Not only is that an intelligent way to market, but it’ll also help you get feedback on products and services and an insight into what your customers think before a big launch.

Myth 5: More Is Better

There is a big myth regarding advertising that you’ll get more sales if you advertise to millions of people. While on paper that makes sense, in reality, it isn’t always true.

Advertising to millions often means you’ll be promoting to people who aren’t interested in your business or what you are selling. That often means you waste your advertising budget.

Instead, think small. Stay focused and targeted and market to people who are well-aligned with your ideal customer. If you do that, you’ll get a far better return on your marketing investment.

Myth 6: Social Media Is for Kids

It might be true that some social media has a young audience. 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24. But what you might not know is that 21% of their users are over 40.

This figure goes up on other platforms, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn, which have the oldest demographic.

Find out where your target customer spends most of their time on social media and concentrate your marketing efforts there. Don’t assume that you should avoid it because the platform is too young, even if your teenager does use it. 

Swap 2021 Marketing Myths for a Marketing Strategy 

These 2021 marketing myths are there to be shattered because the truth is there are plenty of inventive and exciting ways to promote your business online.

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