How much planning goes into your sales strategies? Probably a lot. You’ve got to make sure that every part of your business is in order, from inventory levels to marketing plans and beyond.

But even the best-laid holiday marketing ideas can fall apart if you’re not ready for any last-minute changes—like a product recall or an unexpected spike in demand.

Here are some digital marketing tips to get you started. 

Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas That Will Save Your Season

1. Send a Last-minute Text Message

Here are some ways you can send a text message:

  • Offer them an exclusive coupon code or discount only available through text messaging
  • Give them access to special offers only available via text message
  • Send them links for hot new products that aren’t even listed on your site yet

You don’t have to wait until the last minute to get your customers in the holiday spirit. In fact, sending out a text message with some kind of incentive before Christmas Eve can make all the difference in how well your sales go this season.

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2. Offer a Holiday Promotion

One of the best holiday marketing tips is to offer a holiday promotion with a discount. To add to this, you could offer a freebie.

Remember to match prices with your competition (if you can). Finally, you can extend an existing holiday promotion. If you’re already running one, consider extending it by a few weeks or months, as customers might be more likely to buy when they get closer to the season itself.

Remember to use basic SEO to help you optimize your campaign promotion, particularly if you have a specific goal in mind, such as Christmas marketing.  

Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas That Will Save Your Season

3. Launch a Holiday Campaign via Email

Email marketing campaigns can be super effective because they’re personalized and customizable and delivered directly to a subscriber’s inbox. This means you know exactly who is receiving it!

Email marketing campaigns are also cost-effective because they don’t require much up-front investment or time commitment from you or your team members.

Consider using social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help promote your company’s holiday marketing strategy. Both platforms offer affordable advertising options (like boosted posts) that allow users to target specific audiences with ads based on their location or interests so that they’re more likely to see what you have. 

You can also use them to build a community that you can manage. 

Use These Holiday Marketing Ideas To Save Your Holiday Sales

Whether you want to offer discounts or simply remind people that your brand exists, sending a text is a great way to get your brand out in front of potential customers who might not have seen it otherwise.

If you want more than just an occasional text message, consider turning your holiday marketing ideas into a campaign. These types of campaigns combine multiple tactics into one larger effort that can be planned weeks or months in advance.

If you have a great email marketing campaign that you need help with, then be sure to contact us today.