Happy New Year from Elle Marketing and Events! We’re starting off 2023 with optimism, positivity, and enthusiasm for the upcoming year. As marketers, it’s important to stay ahead of trends and ensure that your strategies remain effective — so we want to give you our three best pieces of advice on how to tackle this new year.

So let’s dive into our 3 New Year’s resolutions for marketers, brought to you by Elle Marketing and Events!

1. Participate in Trends and Challenges

Trends allow you to break the boundaries of marketing by looking at what kind of content will capture your audience’s attention. A marketing trend will force you to work quickly to produce content before the trend fizzles out.

In advertising, you must determine if you are dealing with a short-term, intermediate, or long-term trend. Short-term trends like viral videos or sales advertisements typically die out in a few days. Intermediate trends can be seasonal; however, long-term trends typically shape the future of the marketing industry.

In the new year, marketers can commit to participating in a set number of short and intermediate trends per quarter. This will help keep you accountable and on the lookout for trending content.


2. Don’t be Afraid to Try New Strategies

The next 365 days are an opportunity for you to revolutionize your approach to marketing. You can identify areas to test out new strategies by conducting a marketing audit. Take the time to look critically at your online presence and identify areas where you can improve and test out new strategies.

During your marketing audit, you should see what makes successful content stand out and where your audience is consuming the most content. Marketing content has immensely evolved over the past decade and will continue to change with emerging technologies. You need to incorporate varied mediums and styles into your marketing strategy, so your brand doesn’t become obsolete.

3. Upload More Videos 

Many marketers are stuck in their traditional marketing methods and have not yet ventured into video production. Successful video content is easy to make and significantly impacts digital consumers.

Short attention spans have allowed short-form videos to be successful in marketing. Studies have shown that the average attention span of users was only 8 seconds in 2022. Many marketers are unwilling to stray from more traditional advertisements; however, in doing so, they are missing out on potential consumers.

To succeed in video production, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment or editing software. In fact, “raw” and shorter videos do best. You can even produce viral videos with a smartphone. 

Participate in Marketers New Years Resolution

Interested in improving your digital marketing? If you can dedicate the next 365 days to refining your marketing strategy, you can grow your brand and profitability. Take the first step today and commit to marketers’ new year’s resolutions.

Contact our team at Elle Marketing and Events to start the new year off with a marketer’s New Year’s Resolution.