The recent decline in user activity on Facebook is a deceptive indicator of what’s to come. The truth is, the near-future growth that the social media platform is set to experience is astounding. But unfortunately, many nay-sayers tend to conveniently forget that the company behind Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, covering a combined audience of almost 3 billion people worldwide.

But, what should people expect from Facebook trends, specifically? User engagement aside, 2022 trends will grow in parallel with the new direction that the team behind Facebook is taking with the company.

Meta is looking at jumping into the Metaverse and finding more ways to entice participation and facilitate the user onboarding process. So if you’re curious about the Facebook content trends to come, consider reading ahead.

Facebook Groups Will Gain Popularity

First and foremost, Facebook groups are going to climb in popularity. So far, things might seem a little slow. But, all signs point to massive shifts from other platforms. Facebook groups are starting to emulate forums like Reddit and Quora, meaning users can quickly relocate to the Facebook ecosystem.

More Video Content

As more and more creators turn to video content for various platforms, Facebook is adjusting accordingly. Grabbing an audience via text isn’t as engaging, even when it reaches more eyes with the implementation of the right hashtags and keywords. In fact, the platform is making it easier to link videos from websites, meaning you can improve your site’s SEO with video content while engaging an audience on Facebook.

Marketplace Expansion

Amazon is currently the go-to option for a wide variety of products. But, there’s a niche market that isn’t getting enough attention. One of the Facebook trends 2022 brings to the table involves expanding the marketplace. Facebook is leaning heavily toward becoming a hub for local products and surfaces for every region.

Troubles with Misinformation

It feels like one of the biggest social media trends for 2022 is “fake news.” Unfortunately, misinformation is a plague that affects every social media platform, and it’s not going away anytime soon. So you can expect many additional restrictions from the platform this year in an attempt to get misinformation under control.

Expect More AR and VR Compatibility

Last but not least is Facebook’s increasing investment in AR and VR. The company already offers its own VR headset, the Oculus, and is currently developing a Metaverse where users can engage with others. It’s one of the current Facebook trends that will climb in popularity exponentially in 2022 and the years to follow.

Following Facebook Trends

Staying on top of Facebook trends is a must for anyone seeking relevancy in the online world. The social media platform strays far from the idea of covering a niche and instead offers everything in one place. From shopping, video and live streaming content, and VR compatibility, it’s one of the only platforms where every user can pick and choose what they need.

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