Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown to 1.4 billion monthly users! With so many active people on the app, you’re probably wondering how to boost page views. Or how to increase engagement with your audiences. 

There are several ways to do this! While paid advertising is one option, you can easily upgrade your Instagram game with a few hacks. Our top 5 are outlined in this article, so keep reading.  

1. Find The Best Posting Time

The time of day that you post to Instagram matters. Some times of the day generate more traffic than others. So it’s important to research when you get the most engagement on past posts and then work your future posting around the best times. 

There are also many studies available on the web with optimal times to post on Instagram…and every other social platform. 

2. Use The Link in The Bio

There are many options to include more than one link in your bio with a third-party app, like Linktree. This allows you to link to your website, other social pages, or store in one location. To get the most out of the link in your bio, you should drive traffic with a call-to-action in your posts. 

3. Use Shoppable Posts

Instagram allows you to tag products in posts like you would other users. This is a great way to drive traffic to a specific product on your site. You do need a business account to use this feature. 

Instagram Hacks Elle Marketing and Events

4. Create Saved Replies

Creating saved replies to answer common questions quickly is a great way to optimize your account. Replying to hundreds of comments is easily overwhelming. This hack saves you time and will boost your engagement because you’ll be able to reply more! 

5. Create Strategic Highlights

When you post stories on Instagram, they disappear in 24-hours. This is a good and bad thing because some posts need a longer duration and should be highlighted! That’s where highlights come in.

When you highlight a story, it puts it into a saved collection at the top of your page. You can highlight key products, announcements, or discounts here. By regularly updating it, you can keep traffic interested in your page. 

Bonus: Filter Out Comments

Did you know you can filter out comments by keywords? This is an excellent hack for removing spam or inappropriate comments from showing up on your page. 

Learn More Instagram Hacks 

Now that you understand these five hacks, you are ready to update your account! You can start with one or all of them if you feel very ambitious. 

Or you could partner with an experienced marketing agency to help you optimize and manage your social media. At Elle Marketing and Events, we specialize in digital marketing. Allow us to improve your engagement and page views with our proven strategies. 

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