The holidays are coming in a few months, which means that now is a great time to develop a holiday marketing plan.

Think about it: if you plan now, by the time the season arrives, you’ll know what to do, which will hopefully lead to more sales and higher revenue.

1. SEO and Keyword Research

A successful marketing plan includes SEO and keyword research. There’s no point in elaborating on an outstanding campaign if customers can’t see it.

If you optimize your content, you’ll drive organic traffic to your brand’s web page. This means that when consumers search for products that you sell, they’ll find you, even if they’ve never heard of your business before.  

Also, keep in mind that there’s a direct correlation between how much search traffic your website receives and the quality/quantity of links you use in your posts. So, link out to authoritative and relevant content pages to boost your search traffic. 

2. Unique Customer Experience

While the holidays are often an exciting time of the year, they’re also quite stressful, especially when you consider gift shopping.

As a business, you can try to reduce customer stress by offering valuable tips on how to get through this period and how your products could be helpful (if it makes sense).

It doesn’t matter your business niche: think of how your content can benefit and help your customers during the holiday season. Most importantly, ensure that your content relates to your products and services. 

3. Reward Your Customers

Get in the spirit of the holidays and reward your consumers! It can help increase your profits and generate customer loyalty. 

If you sell products like hot drinks, start a loyalty card scheme and give consumers a card stamped with each purchase. Once they reach a certain number, they can get a free item. 

Also, you can try offering discounts for those customers that reach a particular spending target (like 10% off on purchases over $200). They’ll be motivated to spend more to get a discount, and they’ll be pleased to be rewarded. It’s a win-win. 

4. Embrace Email Marketing and SMS Marketing

During the holiday season, customers tend to be constantly busy. Whether they’re catching up on their holiday shopping or running errands, your ideal customer doesn’t have much time for phone calls, face-to-face encounters, or physical mail. However, they’ll undoubtedly be checking their email inbox. 

Since businesses send shoppers multiple offers during this period, customers are keener to check their emails. So, you know how to reach them!

If you want to be a bit extra, you can also try SMS marketing. After all, most people check their phones fifty-eight times a day, so they’ll indeed read your text about your latest discount.

Ultimately, don’t stay behind: send out emails or texts that highlight your trendy items, promotions, or seasonal product line. A simple email informing and encouraging shoppers is enough to help you increase your sales. 

5. Festive Ads

Depending on your business and products, you can use festive ads as part of your holiday marketing strategy. 

If you’re using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising during this period, you can develop ads that feature a holiday touch in the ad copy or ad itself.

If that’s not enough and you want to go fully festive, then opt to extend this strategy to your content as well.

Overall, it’s a great time to get creative! You can engage your audience by producing a series of social media or blog posts focusing on the holidays. Let your imagination flow!

Holiday Marketing Plan

Coming up with a holiday marketing plan is super important. It helps increase brand awareness and grab shoppers’ attention to your business who may be less interested outside of the holiday season. 

So, take these suggestions on board and embrace the holiday spirit!

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