By Heather King

It’s already that time of the year to plan your email marketing campaigns for the holiday season. Knowing how busy everyone is during this festive time, it’s important to make your emails stand out. Why? Because those open rates mean your customers are connecting to your brand and want what you’re offering. Here, you’ll find five email marketing tips to help you wrap up 2023 with a festive bow.

Give Your Email a Festive Look

People love holiday-themed emails. Adding some holiday decorations to your email campaign can make it eye-catching and festive. Using seasonal emojis to help express what the email is about immediately. Both can increase the chances that your email will get opened and generate interest.

However far you go with your designs, be sure that every email is mobile-optimized so consumers who shop on their smartphones have great experiences, too. 

Personalize those Emails

Personalization is an important aspect of email marketing. People are more likely to engage with an email if it’s personalized for them. Adding the recipient’s name or any other information, like their past purchases, interests, etc., can make the email feel like it was crafted just for them, increasing the likelihood they’ll take your desired action.

This advice applies to promotional emails announcing sales and specials and abandoned cart emails reminding customers about their potential purchases they haven’t completed yet.  

Include an Irresistible Subject Line

Subject lines are the gateway to your email—the first impression, if you will. So, making them interesting, relevant, and irresistible is critically important. Some cleverly placed and light-hearted holiday puns can give your holiday marketing campaign an edge. A catchy subject line can influence the decision to open the email and follow through on the call-to-action (CTA). 

Be Crystal Clear and Concise 

People are busy during the holiday season. They don’t want to read lengthy emails. Make sure that if your customer is rewarding you with opening your email, you deliver the goods quickly and efficiently. Put the most critical information, like special deals, discounts, and offers, at the beginning, and be sure to include when those deals end. The urgency to take action will come from keeping the email clear and straightforward.


Make the Call-to-Action Clear

The CTA is the crux of your email message as it guides your customer to the next step. Use action-oriented phrases like “Shop Now,” “Save Big,” and “Grab Your Deal” to encourage them to take immediate action. It’s the final push for the recipient to purchase or engage further with your business. 


Let the Holiday Emailing Begin!

This season, make email marketing your biggest holiday success by connecting with customers and increasing sales. By giving your emails a festive look, personalizing them, and including a catchy subject line and holiday emojis, your customers will easily and clearly know what you’re offering and how to complete their interaction with your business. 

To learn more about how Elle Marketing can help you put these holiday email marketing tips in place, contact us today.