Let’s face it. Building a social media profile for your company can bring you so much business. But with all the essential Facebook tools out there, how do you know you know which is the best?

Is your business getting the most out of its Facebook presence? Here are 8 Facebook tools every business should know about.

1. Facebook Ads Manager

When it comes to using the right Facebook tools for business, you’re going to want to set up a Facebook Ads Manager account for your business. Not only does this tool allow you to create and manage your posts, but you can accurately measure how your analytics against your marketing plan.

2. Facebook Pixel

If you’re looking for useful Facebook tools for Business that will help you build your target audience, consider installing Facebook Pixel. Although it’s a code that you have to plug into your website, it will help you track your primary demographic and track conversions.

3. Facebook Blueprint

Struggling to stay on top of the Facebook algorithm? Consider taking free online classes via Facebook Blueprint to stay on top of the ever-changing portfolio of essential Facebook tools.

4. Instagram Ads

From story advertising to photo advertising, Instagram gives you various options to sponsor content that can help you reach your ideal demographic based on profile visitors. 

5. Facebook Page Post Scheduling

Never miss a beat with Facebook Page Post Scheduling! If you plan on being out of the office, use this posting tool to continue posting on your behalf even when you’re unavailable!

6. Facebook Events

Have an upcoming event? Use Facebook Events to get started! In conjunction with Facebook Pixel, the events tool allows you to target your ideal audience for a bigger outcome at your event.

7. Facebook Business Manager 

If you need to manage multiple Facebook pages, consider utilizing Facebook Business Manager. Not only is it a free platform that you can use, but you can run and track all of your ads from one place.

8. CTA

Last but not least, it’s important to include a call to action on every single one of your posts. This will not only help your conversion rates but will help your followers know what to do next.

Facebook Tools for Business and More!

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