In this day and age, marketing through content creation is all but a requirement. It remains one of the most effective marketing solutions, creating 97% more backlinks and 434% more search engine results than other strategies.

But even if you have a wise strategy and creative ideas, you need proper content-creating marketing tools to see that plan through effectively. Find out what are the most powerful resources to help you rise to the top.

Managing the Content

The creation of the content is one part of any effective plan. But, if you are not managing, planning, and observing that content, it will fall apart.

For these purposes, the selection is immense and in no way limited to these three. However, they are wide-reaching in their resources and both easy to adopt and long-lasting solutions.

Two of the top options, both working very similarly, remain;

  • Hubspot
  • SEMRush

These both allow for customer relations management, managing your team’s collected media, content planning, analytics, project management, and more.

There are slight differences that would make choosing one over the other easier, though—for example, Hubspot’s ease of integration with SalesForce.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial, relatively easy to manage part of any content marketing strategy. It carries with it some incredible numbers, and because of that, it is wise that your team takes hold of it from the get-go.

For example, 99% of consumers check their email every single day. An email has become the preferred method of brand updates, above all others.

Bringing it back to the previously mentioned tool, HubSpot, one of the most effective tools for email marketing, is a native tool of HubSpot itself.

Another, allowing for slick, professional newsletters and email campaigns, is Sender. Templates can be customized with a variety of media to every single recipient allowing for particularly targeted campaigns.

Blogging Content

Often questioned now is the legitimacy and importance of blogging. Should a business waste its time and resources on writing various posts rather than promoting other social media manners?

It would be best if you were, now more than ever. What is more important is the mindset and technique that revolves around blogging. A blog that presents an organization as a figure of authority can build a reputation in their community.

Consistently creating quality content is a marketing method in itself and will draw new customers on its own.


WordPress is one of the most popular and most accessible CMS or content management systems in the world. It is both a creation and a management platform. This offers a considerable level of flexibility within a marketing plan.

The use of plugins allows for specifically streamlined and tailored solutions for SEO. The built-in utilization of custom CSS and themes allows for responsive design, essential to cater to all devices, mobile and desktop alike.

Success with Content Creating Marketing Tools

It’s on you to devise a strong plan because only you know the goals of your organization. But now you know what content-creating marketing tools are out there and how to utilize them to most efficiently reach those goals.

However, if the path to those strategic goals needs a helping hand, be sure to get in touch with the leaders at Elle Marketing and Events now!