From live videos to story takeovers, social media platforms offer infinite ways for marketers to promote their businesses creatively.

One of these tools is your social media bio. It can be a fun way to create a solid first impression for your brand with your online community, and it can also be an effective tool for driving sales and brand awareness. A great way to get a new or featured offering in front of your target audience is to use the link in bio feature offered on Instagram.

Keep reading to learn how to integrate a link in bio strategy into your online marketing plan.

Identifying Your Target Audience

You can spend all the time in the world writing excellent copy and creating compelling visuals for your bio link, but if you market your offering to the wrong audience, all your work will have been for nothing.

When you’re creating your online marketing plan, take the time to think through who your offering is for. Then, cater your visuals and copy to what will speak to this audience, and create ad settings to get your paid posts in front of these users.


Provide a Clear Value Proposition

If you want users to click on the link in your bio, you must give them a compelling reason.

Whether it’s a product, service, or exclusive deal, clearly communicate what your audience will receive by going to the link in your bio.  

Utilize Link in Bio Tools: Linktree and Shorby

Many brands want to post multiple links in their social media bios, but Instagram won’t allow you to have more than one clickable link. While some companies will try to add extra links as plain text in their bio, the length of the links and the extra step of having to type these links into a web browser means that this approach leaves much to be desired.

This is where the third-party links in bio tools come into play. Several companies like Linktree, Shorby, and others have created solutions to allow users to add as many clickable bio links as they want in a user-friendly format. Copy and paste whichever links you want into the link in the bio app’s interface, then add the provided URL to your company’s bio on Instagram.

Create a Landing Page

If you want something more customizable than a third-party app like Linktree or Shorby, you can also create your landing page to serve as your link in bio.

This approach still allows you to post multiple bio links while giving you complete control over the look and function of your page. It’s a great option if you have the technical savvy to create your own landing page. This is because it allows you to fully align your link in bio with your business’s branding.

You’ll also be able to use a branded URL rather than a URL provided by a third-party app.


Optimize for Mobile Devices

Over half of all web traffic, these days come from mobile device users. So in today’s mobile-first online world, optimizing your web presence for mobile users is essential.

Before officially launching your link in bio landing page, test it across various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Ensure that all your graphics are correctly formatted for mobile usage and that any text you use is clear and legible.

Craft Your Link in Bio Strategy Today

It pays to use a link in bio strategy to drive traffic to your site and increase sales. Take the time to identify your target audience, craft a robust link design, and optimize your landing page for mobile devices; you’ll start seeing results before you know it!

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