Advertising your business is an age-old necessity. Without it, your business won’t flourish since fewer people will know about it. Businesses now utilize online platforms to market their brand.

So, where’s the best place to start advertising?

The short answer is using Facebook Ads. To make the most out of your investment, we’re giving some solid Facebook Ad advice. Read on and learn how to advertise on Facebook.

Set Up Your Ad Account

Create a Facebook Business account to set up your Ad Account. Facebook will move this to the Business Manager section. Ensure that you open the right account because you cannot undo this action.

Develop Your Strategy

Great offers sell without selling. Facebook advertising means you need to market your product without looking like you’re selling something and don’t sleep on your marketing plan. To become a great ad, make it seem like a favor instead.

Your goal is to make them feel like they decided to buy your products. It means preventing them from feeling like the idea of buying is yours. Think outside the box and break free from the usual enticement phrases.

Target Your Audience

Setting goals is crucial, like making marketing resolutions for 2021. It’s an obvious step most businesses overlook. It’s especially when it comes to setting the right goals.

Start by defining your audience. Facebook dominates the social media landscape and caters to younger Americans. This includes Facebook users between 18 and 24 years old.

Choose Where You Want to Display Your Ad

Facebook recommends business owners use the default ad placement. Depending on your business objective, Facebook will have a set placement for your ad. Facebook will optimize advert placements to help you see the best results.

If you want to increase brand awareness, place your ads on Facebook and Instagram. However, if you want to promote a product or app, it’s best to place your ad on Facebook.

Be Careful With the Special Ad Category

Facebook offers a Special Ad Category for certain industries and campaigns. Facebook created this categorize your audience based on their credit, housing, and job opportunities. However, this can limit your reach to an audience.

You can counteract this by selecting Special Ad Audience in the drop-down options. This allows Facebook to show your ad to users with similar online behaviors as your current following.

When to Use Facebook Pixel

Social engagement and clicks are necessary to the success of your Facebook ads. To track your progress, use Facebook Pixel. This is a website code that collects data and tracks conversions.

You can also use this to optimize your ads and form a strategy directed at a target audience. If you own a website, be sure to use Facebook Pixel.

Set Your Budget

Every good marketing strategy has a good budget. This will serve as the basis and foundation of your strategy, so you know where to focus your efforts.

Use Facebook Ads Today!

These are some of the tips for advertising on Facebook. If you want your Facebook Ads to get the best ROI, follow these guidelines.

Do you want to work with a professional agency instead? If so, contact us today using either email or our hotline. Set a virtual appointment so we can address your needs.