Marketing is essential for all businesses. After all, 78% of consumers conduct product research online. When you control your marketing campaign, you give customers the best and most accurate information about your products and brand.

But marketing is easier said than done. Sure, there are countless “best marketing tips” or “PPC tactics you need to try” blogs out there. But are these really from the best sources? If you want to become a serious marketer, you should listen to the experts. Fortunately, most create content themselves and host high-quality blogs and podcasts.

Marketing Podcasts

When learning to market your brand, you’ll benefit from listening to marketing podcasts. There are so many marketing podcasts out there; it’s easier to make podcasts their category! Some fantastic podcasts include:

  • Behind the Numbers by eMarketer
  • Marketing Over Coffee
  • Online Marketing Made Easy
  • Copyblogger FM
  • Call to Action
  • ConversionCast

All of these podcasts have different specialties. For example, the hosts of Marketing Over Coffee are professional marketers, but the hosts also own a small coffee business, so they often discuss small business topics. Others, such as Success Made Simple, focus on branding. Finally, copy blogger FM focuses on techniques and trends in content marketing.

These aren’t the only marketing podcasts available. You can find a variety of marketing podcasts by searching on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, and more.

Sprout Social Blog

Sprout is a social media management platform that was formed in 2010. They offer various services for businesses, but they also host an influential blog where they offer many valuable resources. In addition, they not only blog about the latest marketing trends but also produce in-depth reports.

Since this company focuses on social media marketing, social media topics dominate their blog. They offer general social media marketing advice and focus on specific social media topics and platforms, such as posting on Instagram and Twitter metrics. They also blog about other areas of marketing, such as content.

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot is one of the best-known inbound marketing platforms. This company was formed in the mid-2000s after the owners discovered that the modern consumer was changing drastically. They wanted to create a platform that helped businesses keep up with this change in consumerism.

Because of their notoriety, their blog is one of the best free resources in the marketing sphere. They blog about all spheres of marketing, from general market research guides to simple content marketing advice. In addition, they also blog about general business advice, such as creating a customer journey map and creating sales plans.

Google Marketing Platform

When it comes to specific tactics such as SEO, it’s best to get your data from the source. To help marketers, search engine honcho Google offers a blog.

But they blog about more than search engines and SEO. They offer advice to grow your business, such as connecting to customers. They also share marketing insights from other major brands, so you know where you stand in the competition.

Don’t Have Time for These Marketing Resources? Get Help From the Pros

While marketing resources can improve your strategy, many business people don’t have time to pay attention to these blogs and podcasts. If this sounds like you, then seek help from the professionals. We’re a full-service creative marketing agency, and we aim to tell your story through effective marketing tactics.

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