Between churning out print ads for your new business and kicking your new social media campaign into overdrive, it’s hard to find the time to sit down and look at the finer details. That said, neglecting these details can bury your promotional campaign before it starts, and one of the most important pieces of that comes from the logo.

But great logos don’t appear out of thin air. Instead, they require careful consideration and assembly. So how do you design a great logo?

Well, that’s where we come in. Here’s our guide on how to make your logo design for business stand out from the competition! 

But enough preamble! Let’s do this thing!

Logo Design for Business? You Need the Name

One of the most important aspects of creating a good logo is making sure that you include the business name somewhere within the logo. After all, how else will prospective buyers know to link the logo to you?

Linking the business name also helps make the logo feel more of a personal expression of what the business represents. For example, a logo that focuses on wacky designs and bright colors can help give the company an energetic and playful feel.

Font Matters

Another important part of creating the perfect logo involves finding a font that someone doesn’t have to look over multiple times to read. You can also cater fonts towards your target audience (like more classical fonts for older audiences), show the professionalism of your business, and help give the logo an extra visual spark it would lack with a mundane font. 

Keep It Simple

A cluttered logo disorients the viewer and makes it difficult for the image to stick in their minds. To counter this, keep your logo simple by obeying the basic rules of how human eyes observe images.

For example, the human eye is attracted to light, following the brighter parts of an image before looking at darker parts. So using dark text against a light backdrop is less effective than the reverse. It’s also worth noting that you should try to keep your design dead center since people tend to focus on the center of an image first. 

Clip Art Is a No-Go

It’s tempting to ditch the effort it takes to make an original design in place of using clip art for your logo. That said, clip art makes your company look lazy and unprofessional and fails to show how your company is different from the rest. 

Plus, you’ll have to keep careful track of the attribution licenses each piece of clip art is under since improper use will result in your logo getting taken down and legal fees (or worse). 

Stand Out From the Crowd

It’s also vital that a strong logo breaks away from what others are doing and forges a unique identity. If your logo doesn’t stick out, people won’t come to your company for your goods or services, landing you in financial trouble.

Design In-House

Before you splurge for an advertising firm to whip a logo up for you, consider designing a logo in-house using software like Squarespace Logo. Many of these programs are free and provide you access to the same level of tools professionals use to design their logos.

Basic Logo Design Tips

If you choose to go the in-house route, look to other logos you like for inspiration. You don’t want to copy them, but instead, write down what about them appeals to you. You can then work to replicate that appeal while adding a unique flavor to it.

Once you have that flavor, you can work on finding ways to splash it across your logo. Keep in mind how you could layer shapes together and make sure that every piece of the logo is there for a reason.

Rocketing to Success

So, now that you know all about how to make a logo for a business that stands out from the crowd, what are your next steps? Well, if you want to give your marketing and advertising an even bigger boost, feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we can help!