​Corinne Hone is the social media expert leading the charge at Elle Marketing & Events. She’s skilled in all social media platforms, though her personal favorite is—drum roll, please—Instagram!

Let’s learn more about her skills and experience below.

Corinne Hone: The Early Experiences

Corinne spent her formative years in Ireland. Then, approximately six years ago, she moved to Guatemala to work for a non-profit. She spent four years working for them, picking up a variety of skills every business owner needs;

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Strategic Planning

Eventually, she grew out of her position in the non-profit. She and her husband, Ronnie, decided to move to the United States where they could find the best Swing Dance parties in the world! Dance on, Corinne; dance on.

Curiously enough, before she moved to the US, she’d never shown any inclination toward owning her own business. It wasn’t until the move that she had an awakening.

She wanted to maintain the high-quality lifestyle that she enjoyed in Guatemala. In the States, that translated to a higher-paying job with flexible hours. The only way she could make that happen was to become her own boss.

All of that added up to one simple conclusion: it was time to hang up her shingle (or Facebook page; it’s 2021, after all) and open shop.

Starting Her Own Business

“Hone Your Social” is Corinne’s baby. It’s a social media management and coaching business that she started in 2019. It’s based out of the Beehive state, or Salt Lake City, Utah, to be more exact.

The entire concept for “Hone Your Social” evolved from an Instagram influencer account for food. You can still find it on Instagram under @slcfoodscene. While creating the foodie website, she fell in love with the platform and her ability to effortlessly reach thousands of people through social media channels.

She soon took her skills with Instagram engagement to the next level. She now not only is a social media marketer but also a coach. Social media coaching wasn’t a career path she’d ever imagined pursuing, but her clients are thrilled she did.

Now she shares her hard-won insights and senseless mistakes with her students. It helps them leap ahead on the learning curve, saving them years’ worth of time and money. Like her, those students now have the freedom and flexibility they’ve always craved.

Why She Loves Instagram

The visual nature of the platform gives business owners a way to share their own unique stories. It’s effective and doesn’t require costly classes and time-consuming training to master. The same can’t be said for professional blogs, vlogs, or podcasts.

Corinne’s Other Not-So-Secret Interests

Corinne Hone enjoys exploring Utah with her dog when she’s not working, snuggling her cat, swing dancing, and eating all the chocolate in the world! Alright, maybe just all the chocolate in her pantry. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

If you’d like to work with Corinne and the other folks at Elle Marketing & Events, book your virtual consulting call today!