Platforms like Instagram allow you to market your products, services, and yourself to an audience of over 1.3 billion active users. Marketing trends are constantly changing, but one that stays constant is a good social media presence.

You’re missing out if your small business isn’t on social media. You’re missing out on opportunities to connect with an audience and promote your brand. You’re missing out on growing a thriving business.

With so many potential customers, you have to take advantage of everything Instagram offers. That means using the right Instagram features to further your brand. Here are our new favorite Instagram features.

Partnership Inbox

The new Instagram features make partnerships easier, particularly with the partnership inbox. In addition, creators and brands now have a dedicated section exclusively for partnership opportunities in direct messages.

The partnership inbox prioritizes messages that allow accounts to connect and collaborate on campaigns. In addition, there are filters for details like follower count, location, age range, and gender.

New Add Yours Sticker

The “add yours sticker” is the new way to go viral on Instagram. This interactive feature allows users to add their media to a prompt. These stickers create a chain of images from throwback photos to favorite products.

The add yours sticker goes on your Instagram story. It allows your followers to participate, their followers, and so on. The great part is that the prompt always leads back to your profile, giving your Instagram a boost in traffic.

Collab Feature

The collab feature is like adding a co-author to your posts, like images and reels. Invite another Instagram account to collaborate, and the post will show up on both profiles.

With this feature, you can share views, comments, and likes. You’ll also be able to engage with both followers and reach new audiences.

Add Links to Your Stories

For a long time, links in stories were reserved for accounts over 10k. But now, this feature is available to all Instagram users. The link is a clickable sticker that allows viewers to go straight to a website from stories.

You can link to your website, a specific product, or service booking to promote your small business.

New Subscription Feature

The subscription feature is a new way for businesses and creators to earn money on Instagram. Users can subscribe to your account and receive exclusive content like Livestreams and stories.

As a creator, you can choose how much to charge and what subscribers can receive. Subscriptions range between $0.99 and $99.99 a month. This can help you make extra money on top of your business profits.

Instagram Features That Give Your Business a Boost

The hardest part about having a small business is getting it in front of potential customers. There is a lot of competition, and standing out is vital if you want to grow.

Luckily, there are excellent tools like social media that can give small businesses the boost they need. With the help of these new Instagram features, you can market your small business like a pro.

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