Holiday spending will likely hit a record high this year at $910 billion, but don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security. You still need to invest in holiday marketing. You should always look for ways to attract more customers, even during the holidays.

Use these five holiday marketing tips to attract first-time buyers and turn them into loyal customers.

1. Start Early

“Plan ahead- start thinking of the holidays in the summer. Think high level and truly look at promotions, giveaways & ways to grow your email lists.” —Jen Gunter, our Client Account Manager.

Reports show that many consumers start their holiday shopping earlier, even before November. This means you should start thinking about holiday campaigns in the summer.

This way, you can have holiday promotions and giveaways already planned and ready to go. There’s no such thing as being too prepared, so start as soon as possible.

Use early-bird promotions and holiday shoppers discounts to encourage consumers to save money by buying before the holiday rush. This can help spread out the orders and make fulfillment easier on your end.

2. Create a Promotional Calendar

“For a smooth holiday, make sure that all your promotions are planned and strategized out ahead of time, so your team is all singing from the same sheet of music.” —Kaitlyn Rowbotham, Marketing Strategist.

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A promotional calendar is a perfect way to entice customers to make purchases. It allows customers to plan their purchases and keep up with what’s going on in your business.

For example, if customers know you have an upcoming Black Friday deal or other holiday sales promotions, they can wait to make a purchase.

A promotional calendar is also an excellent tool for keeping the marketing team on track and up-to-date, so you have cohesive, well-thought-out campaign launches.

3. Post-Holiday Promotions

“Have a bounce-back coupon, a secret envelope program, or something to satisfy and delight them in the New Year. The goal is to translate one-time customers that might come in during the holidays to come back and create a habit of supporting your business” —Lydia Martinez, Founder and CEO of Elle Marketing and Events.

Profitable marketing never stops. Another marketing campaign will give customers something to look forward to in the new year. Try a bounce-back coupon,  offer credit for returned gifts, or something as simple as a New Year’s Day sale.

A post-holiday promotion helps create repeat customers. People who discovered you during the holidays will return and develop a habit of supporting your business.

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4. Thank Your Customers

Thank every customer for supporting your business during the holidays. So many choices, but they chose you for a reason! That special thank you really means a lot to people.” —Zita Tangel, Social Media Manager

The holidays are an incredibly competitive time for businesses. Your customers choose you and a thank you means a lot. A personalized thank you email, or if you have the resources, a mailed letter will remind customers why they did business with you.

You can also use the thank you to offer a discount or coupon for loyal customers. Something like “Thank you for your business, take 10% off your next purchase with this code.” You’ll be surprised how a simple thank you can influence customers.

5. Build Your Email List

“A great way to build your email list is to send a subscriber-only deal. Tease it ahead of time so that people have a chance to sign up before it’s released.”  —Jennifer Keena, Social Media Manager

Jennifer Keenan knows that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach customers and clients. You can build your email list with a holiday subscriber-only deal. Create buzz around the deal in advance so customers have time to sign up.

Email holiday marketing campaigns like “Year in Review,” “We Take the Stress Out of Holiday Shopping,” or other holiday sales promotions are surefire ways to grow your email list and generate sales.

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Marketing sometimes feels like the worst part of running a business, but it’s arguably the most important part. From starting early to building your email list, these holiday marketing tips can help point you in the right direction

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