Millions of people use Pinterest every day, and it is not a surprise since you can get so much inspiration from this app. Pinterest has many positive features. Whether you’re a business professional or blogger, there are Pinterest tips and tricks at your disposal.

Are you currently using Pinterest? If not, then what are you waiting for? You could be missing out on something huge for you or your business. Read our post below to quench your Pinterest appetite.

Pinterest and Blogging

Almost every blog you come across will have a Pinterest button. This allows anyone to pin the post. How are Pinterest and blogging so closely connected?

A board on Pinterest is much like the old-school corkboard. When you want to save something that you found interesting, inspiring, or TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read), you can pin it!

With a Pinterest profile, you can utilize post promotion to drive traffic and increase audience engagement for your blog.

One of the best Pinterest tips is to sign up for a Pinterest Business account if you are a blogger yourself. In doing so, you can see under the hood of your blog with Pinterest Analytics.

From there, you can take advantage of a slew of Pinterest tools such as Rich Pins. Specifically, Article Rich Pins are great for blogging as they allow the blogger to add things like a larger logo, headline, and link.

Pinterest SEO

To drive traffic to your blog or site, you will want to grasp Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fully. If you follow our Pinterest tips, you will surely see an uptick in your audience engagement.

To play the Google game, you’ll want first to enable public search. This will better your chances of making your page pop up within the first pages of a search result. From your Pinterest profile, head to the search privacy settings to turn this feature on.

Google likes when things are coherent and consistent. Make sure your Pinterest pins, boards, and blog titles match. Using relevant keywords is key when naming your boards.

To further enhance your Pinterest SEO, you’ll want to use alt text for your pins. When you do this, it tells Google what your images are and will garner more eyeballs.

How to Make Pinterest Pins

By now, you must be wondering how to make Pinterest pins. The process is simple and straightforward.

  1. On your Pinterest profile, click the plus sign (+)
  2. Click “Create Pin” from the dropdown menu
  3. Upload an image via computer or link
  4. Add destination link
  5. Title that pin
  6. Type up a pin description
  7. Select a board
  8. Hit save

How can you make your Pinterest pins pop and shine? You’ll want an eye-catching image for starters. Aim for 736 pixels wide and high-resolution free images.

When titling your pins, you don’t want to surprise your viewers. Entice your users respectfully, don’t go for a click-bait approach.

Create a call-to-action. This will again drive more customers and clients to your blog or site.

Pinterest as a Social Media Platform

Pinterest is the go-to social media platform when looking for inspiration. If you are a visual person, you’ll want to sign up and use Pinterest socially.

You can plan, discover, and learn all within the app. Feel right at home when you start creating boards and pinning things you find around the web.

Pinterest is great as a casual user or for more professional purposes.

Pin These Pinterest Tips

Now that you’ve learned so much about Pinterest, why not pin these Pinterest tips?

You will always refer to our post when you need a refresher on the best Pinterest tips.

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