Running bad advertisements is giving away resources. You might as well cut out the middleman and give away things yourself.

The Small Business Administration advises businesses to spend roughly seven percent of their revenue on advertising. Giveaways cost almost nothing, and they can reach more people than traditional advertising.

How can you learn how to do a giveaway? What are some social engagement techniques you must follow? What distinguishes a good giveaway from a poor one?

Answer these questions, and you can gather new customers under your wing today. Here is your quick guide.

Include It in Your Marketing Strategy

You should not give away a product just to give away your product. Fit your Instagram giveaway into your overall strategy for Instagram. Refresh your memory of social media tips before starting.

If you are giving away creative products like pens, ask your customers to send you drawings. This makes you seem committed to your line of work. This also connects the event directly to the products that you are giving away.

Determine the Goal of Your Giveaway

Many people run giveaways to promote sales. That is an okay goal, but you are not limited to that.

You can run a giveaway to increase your level of Instagram engagement. You may want to get more followers or want your followers to comment on your posts more. Pick an exact figure you want to hit with your giveaway.

Choose the Prize for the Giveaway

At a minimum, your prize should be something that your customers want to buy. Most people like free things just because they are free, so you can give away a range of items.

Try to avoid giving away items that other organizations give out. For example, many companies give out T-shirts, frisbees, and mugs. Instead, look into your competition and make the prize something distinct.

Consider Brand Partnership

Giveaways are a natural opportunity to partner with another brand. You can give away someone else’s product. It gives them free publicity, and it can associate you with a popular brand.

Influencers are great resources when you are doing an online giveaway. You can have an influencer promote your event, or you can give a product to an influencer for them to give out. Either option can net you thousands of new followers.

Determine Your Audience

As with every marketing effort, you need to focus on a particular customer. This can be a certain age group of pre-existing customers, or you can focus on new people. Once you’ve defined your audience, you can craft marketing messages that speak directly to your audience.

Promote It

Once you have found your audience, you can promote your giveaway. Start with social media advertisements, though you can go to print ones for older customers. Also, make sure to send out several emails informing loyal clients of your efforts.

Track the Results

When all is said and done, you should be able to trace the impact of your giveaway. Take a look at your social media analytics pages and scroll through the posts promoting the event. Read comments and see how many new followers you have attracted.

How to Do a Giveaway

You can learn how to do a giveaway in no time. See how the event can fit inside your marketing strategy. Choose a goal and prize that brings out desirable qualities for your business.

You can go alone, or you can partner with another brand, including influencers. First, pick a demographic you want to target and promote the giveaway far and wide. Then, track the results and adjust your strategy for future events.

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