Do you dream of becoming a social media influencer? Are you unsure of how to track and understand your social media analytics? You can use social media analytics to help you reach that large amount of people.

Improve your social media presence by understanding your followers. Learn how with this guide to tracking and understanding social media analytics.

Access Social Media Analytics

Your first step is to find how to access the analytics for your chosen platform. I will show an example of how to do this on Instagram

You have to own a business or creator account on Instagram to be able to use their social media tracking tools by: 

  • Go to your profile
  • Go to the three lines in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click insights
  • Tap the metrics tab under the overview section

Discover Information About Your Followers

From the insights tab, find the section called ‘Your Audience.’ Next to that text, click where it says ‘see all.’ Here you can view the following information: 

  • Engagement information from the past week. 
  • Your overall followers total.
    • How many new followers you have received.
    • How many followers have unfollowed you.
  • What locations people followed you.
    • Either city or country.
  • The age groups of your followers.
    • Subcategories this by sex as well.
  • When your followers are most online.


Checking this monthly will help you decide how to make more thoughtful decisions when you elaborate a social media strategy. 

Track Engagement and Reach

Tracking your engagement and reach of your posts can tell you a lot. Each post’s insight, you can see the: 

  • Tracking social media interaction section.
    • Likes and unlikes.
    • Comments.
  • The reach of your posts.
    • Different accounts that have seen your post.
    • The higher the reach, the more people have viewed it.
  • The impressions of your posts.
    • How many times the post has been viewed. 
    • Viewers who come back to view it again multiple times.
    • The higher the impression, the more interested people are in your post.

It is essential to determine the content-generating more value, analyze why it is resonating with them, and continue providing similar content. 

Set Goals to Know What Social Media Metrics to Measure

From these metrics, you can create goals to improve your social status. For example: 

  • Improve your engagement with your followers.
  • Grow your followers total.
  • Improve level of comments received.

Use Tools to Help Analyze and Measure Your Social Data

Does this all seem confusing? Are you still unsure how tracking social media analytics is an advantage? Use these social media analytics tools to help you to understand: 

  • Marketing strategy analysts.
  • Hire a Content/Copywriter.
  • Use a social media manager.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Professional photography.

Rather than researching all these tools yourself, let us take the hard part. We have a high understanding of social media analytics for you to reap the benefits of.

Test and Refine Your Strategy

Now you have a better understanding of social media analytics. All that’s left is to try out your new knowledge and find what works best for you. 

Check your insights. Find out what time is best for your posts. Set your goals and achieve them. 

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