Did you know that 72% of marketers can’t find their target audience?

This tells us two things. One, the most important part of marketing is getting lost in the basics. Two, understanding your target audience isn’t easy.

You aren’t alone if you’re struggling to peg down your audience demographics. Marketing geniuses are struggling with it, too.

Keep reading to start understanding your target audience better.

Tips for Figuring Out Who You’re Talking To

If you’re unsure where to start, you should look at who’s currently interacting with your brand. Then, look at the people who frequently engage with your content.

The people who are spending the most time consuming your content are likely your ideal customers.

Create a Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a target audience example that helps your business understand who they’re targeting. To make the most of your buyer persona, you should be as specific as possible.

The persona should have a name among its own personality traits and interests. In addition, you should provide demographic details.

Each of these factors helps you determine how you will reach the persona with your marketing and advertising. Since the persona embodies your target audience, these specificities will help your company reach real customers better.

Figure Out the Demographics 

Using your buyer persona and online statistics, you can target the best demographic for your company. Knowing and understanding the target demographic of your audience can help you market better.

Think about it: you wouldn’t market to five-year-olds the same way you market to fifty-year-olds.

When you’re collecting information about your target audience, consider age, sex, income, location, occupancy, and more. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to meet your audience with the right advertising.


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Conduct Market Research

Market research allows you to ask more questions. If you can ask the right questions correctly, you can learn more about your target audience.

To conduct market research, start with a problem. Then, identify something that your company wants to know more about.Then, choose a sample population that you want to learn more about. Finally, ask questions and collect data that will help you find the answers you’re looking for.

With the data in hand, make necessary changes.

Analyze Your Competitors

Your competitors can give you insight into your target audience, too. For example, your direct competitors may have the same or a similar target audience.

How they interact with their audience can tell you more about yours.

Understand What Your Target Audience Wants From Your Social Channels

Use all of the information you’ve gathered from market research, competitor analysis, and more. Putting all of this together can help you understand what your audience wants.

Relate to them and consider what your audience demographic would want from your channels.

Get Help Reaching Your Target Audience

What is the target audience of your company? What do they look like? What do they expect?

If you need help pegging your target audience, you can count on Elle Marketing and Events to help you with your marketing strategy.