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Siempre Utah Marketing a Lux Wedding Venue 

We provide Siempre Utah with external CMO support and full service marekting implementation.

About Siempre Utah

Siempre Utah opened just in time for wedding season in 2022. Perched up on the foothills and mountains just south of the Salt Lake Valley, Siempre is home to first class views that you can’t find anywhere else in Utah.

They brought Elle Marketing and Events before they opened to support their visual, social, and content marketing.

The Challenge

Launching a new wedding venue, such as Siempre Utah, came with numerous marketing challenges. One of the most formidable obstacles is building brand awareness. When they began booking weddings, they were still under construction. It was an act of faith for couples to book a venue that they couldn’t actually experience. Which made marketing and branding even more important.

As a newcomer to the market, breaking into potential customers’ consciousness, who likely already have preferred venues in mind, was a demanding task. Moreover, establishing a reputation for excellence and reliability was a significant hurdle. Couples seek perfection and reliability for their big day, and Siempre Utah had to show up as professional, beautiful and reliable from before they opened. 

Our Solution

We deployed a diverse and dynamic set of tactics to effectively market Siempre Utah, as a brand-new luxury wedding venue. Our strategies aimed to elevate brand visibility, establish a solid reputation, and attract clients from the high-end market.

Tactics include:

  1. Social Media Strategy: Tailored a unique social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to showcase Siempre Utah’s offerings and highlight its unique charm.
  2. Social Media Management: Took over the management of Siempre Utah’s Facebook page to ensure regular, engaging, and high-quality content updates.
  3. Google My Business Management: Optimized Siempre Utah’s Google My Business profile to improve visibility, enhance local SEO, and provide easy access to essential information about the venue.
  4. SEO Content Creation: Developed a rich array of SEO-friendly content for Siempre Utah’s website. This included engaging blog posts, compelling press releases, intimate couple interviews, and handy wedding tips.
  5. Video Tour: Produced a captivating video tour of Siempre Utah, showcasing the venue’s opulence and grandeur, giving potential clients a virtual experience of the space.
  6. Lookbook Graphic Design and Copywriting: Created a visually stunning lookbook complemented by persuasive copywriting, showcasing the best of Siempre Utah to inspire and attract potential clients.
  7. Social Media Ads: Implemented a robust social media ad campaign targeting potential clients within the luxury wedding market, effectively utilizing budget for maximum reach and engagement.
  8. Event Marketing: Marketed high-profile events, such as the launch of Sunday Brunch and an Annual Wedding Showcase event, to provide potential clients with a first-hand experience of Siempre Utah’s exceptional offerings.
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | color logo

    I literally do no know what we would do without our partners at Elle Marketing and Events. They are so responsive when we have questions and come to the table with solutions when we see opportunites. They have worked with us since before we opened, and they are a trusted part of our team here at Siempre Utah. 


    Jennie Peterson

    Jennie Peterson


    Elle Marketing Project Team


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    Marketing Strategist



    Client Account Manager



    Graphic Designer






    Photographer & Videographer



    Social Media Coordinator



    Social Media Copywriter



    Copywriter & Copy Editor

    Creative Process

    At Elle Marketing and Events, our creative and strategic process begins with a deep understanding of our client’s vision and objectives. For Siempre Utah, we immersed ourselves in the brand’s luxury ethos and translated that into a comprehensive marketing plan.

    We brainstormed creative ways to present the venue’s unique offerings, such as through a captivating video tour and a visually stunning lookbook.

    Our strategies were data-driven, combining SEO practices with targeted social media campaigns, all while keeping Siempre Utah’s target market in mind. This blend of creativity and strategic thinking was key to effectively positioning Siempre Utah in the luxury wedding market. 

    Social Media Strategy + Facebook Management

    Our approach to Siempre Utah’s social media strategy was built around the venue’s brand identity: luxurious, unique, and charming. We identified Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as the most relevant platforms for reaching our target audience.

    On Facebook, we focus on sharing detailed stories and testimonials from couples, as well as high-quality images of successful events.

     Every post is meticulously crafted, combining compelling copy with high-quality images or videos, to engage our audience and prompt shares, likes, and comments. We also prioritize responding to comments and messages to foster a sense of community and show responsiveness.

    Visual Storytelling: Video Tour & Lookbook

    For a wedding venue like Siempre Utah, compelling visuals are crucial. That’s why we created a captivating video tour, providing potential clients with an immersive, virtual experience of the space. This tour gives a glimpse into the venue’s opulence and grandeur, allowing couples to envision their own events there.

    We also produced a visually stunning lookbook, combining professional photography with persuasive copywriting. This isn’t just a collection of pretty pictures; it’s a visual narrative that showcases the best of Siempre Utah. The right visuals can stir emotions and ignite imaginations, making them an invaluable tool in attracting potential clients to a luxury wedding venue.

    Event Marketing Support

    We took on the responsibility of event marketing for Siempre Utah, allowing them to concentrate on their forte: planning breathtaking events. We organized and executed marketing campaigns for high-profile events, such as Sunday Brunch and a Wedding Showcase.

    Our goal was to create opportunities for potential clients to experience Siempre Utah’s exceptional offerings firsthand. By combining strategic marketing tactics with compelling event narratives, we successfully attracted a wider audience and showcased the unique allure of Siempre Utah.

    Google My Business Management

    Managing Siempre Utah’s Google My Business profile, we prioritize optimization for improved visibility and local SEO.

    High-quality photos of the venue and successful events are regularly uploaded to provide a visual showcase. We actively encourage and respond to customer reviews to boost engagement and improve reputation.

    Keywords relevant to the wedding industry and our specific location are carefully integrated into the business description to enhance local SEO. This meticulous approach helps Siempre Utah stand out to anyone searching for a luxury wedding venue.

    Strategic and Creative Copywriting

    Creating SEO-friendly content for Siempre Utah involves both creativity and strategic thinking. We craft engaging blog posts and compelling press releases that not only resonate with readers but also perform well in search engine rankings. We strategically incorporate relevant keywords while maintaining a natural, appealing writing style.

    Intimate couple interviews are crafted to provide authentic testimonials, while handy wedding tips offer value to prospective clients, further enhancing engagement.

    Each piece of content is designed with two audiences in mind: the human reader, who values insightful and engaging content, and the search engine algorithms, which prioritize well-optimized, high-quality content.

    Targeted Social Media Ads

    Elle Marketing and Events designed and executed a robust social media ad campaign for Siempre Utah. Targeting potential clients within the luxury wedding market, we ensured maximum reach and engagement, making every dollar count. This strategic approach focused on driving reservations and ticket sales for specialized events and amplified Siempre Utah’s visibility and appeal amongst its target audience.

    The results

    Our comprehensive marketing strategies have yielded impressive results for Siempre Utah. We’ve seen a significant increase in brand awareness, engagement across social media platforms, and website traffic, thanks to our SEO and content initiatives, leading to increased inquiries and bookings. Furthermore, our event marketing has generated buzz and excitement, solidifying Siempre Utah’s position as a premier luxury wedding venue. These successes reflect our commitment to delivering outstanding results.

    • Email Newsletter Open Rate – 61%
    • Website Sessions – 258% Increase
    • Unique Visitors – 272% Increase

    Siempre Utah Views on Google Search

    Siempre Utah Views on Google Maps

    Website Visits from Google

    Phone Calls from Google My Business

    Social Media Campaigns

    Total Social Media Ads Reach

    Total Social Media Impressions

    Total Social Media Ads Engagements

    Published Blog Posts

    Total Blog Post Views

    Website Traffic from Social Media

    Total Website Visits

    Video Tour

    We created this virtual video tour for Siempre Utah which is featured on their YouTube channel as well as their website. We love how it turned out!

    Project Gallery

    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Back Side
    Siempre Utah Exterior in Draper Utah | Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Romeo & Juliette Balcony
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Lydia Martinez, CEO in Bride's Room

    NOTE: some photos provided by the client for marketing purposes.

    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Bride's Room
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Secret Garden
    Siempre wedding venue
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Rotunda
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Decorated
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Bar
    Case Study Elle Marketing and Events Full Service Marketing Case Study for Siempre Utah | Blogs

    Content Marketing Examples

    Just a few examples of our work for Siempre!


    • Email Newsletter: We send out a monthly newsletter featuring the venue, love stories, and details of how to book. Example 1 | Example 2Example 3
    • Blog Post – Dancing through our hearts — Dancing with the Star’s Brandon and Brylee’s celebrity wedding: This wedding was featured in People Magazine. We also got to interview the couple and write about their happy day. Read Here.
    • Blog Post – Sparks that could light up a city — Kristen and Kai’s love story: We interview each and every couple in our love stories series to share their plans and dreams. Read Here.

    Visual Branding Content Examples

    Examples of Videography & Grapic Design


    • Video Tour: We wanted to tell the story and showcase the elegance of the new venue with a video – including drone footage to show the scope. View Here
    • Corporate Video Tour: We didn’t want to exclude other events from the tour, which means we created an alternate video to showcase the venue as an events facility rather than a wedding only venue. View Here
    • Siempre Lookbook: We designed this beautiful lookbook as both a printed piece and a webstie embed. View Here

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