1. The Exciting Journey to Define Your Company’s Mission and Values

On any given day, your brand has the potential to attract numerous pairs of eyes. A simple internet search easily yields thousands to millions of results. So, how can you stand out?

Your company mission is what sets you apart from the competition. It can also make you look more professional as a brand. Sharing your core values with your target customer base is the key to effective storytelling.

Want to know more about crafting and unveiling the perfect mission statement for your brand? Keep reading below for further information.

2. Mission Exploration: Finding the Purpose That Fuels Your Business

Your company mission is often the first impression customers get of your brand. Customers will often browse your products and services to see what you’re about. They will also view your “About Us” page to learn more about your brand, mission, and values.

Potential customers want to know whether a brand aligns with their core values. 82% of consumers prefer shopping with a brand with similar beliefs and morals. Those that don’t will likely lose valuable business.

So you must ask yourself some crucial questions such as:

  • Why did you start your company?
  • What does your business offer your customers?
  • What makes you different from other businesses?

Once you’ve brainstormed these questions and come up with the answers, you can move to the next step. 

3. Value Treasure Hunt: Digging Deep to Reveal Your Brand’s Guiding Principles

There are many ways you can dig deeper to discover the core values within your brand to create your company mission. For starters, you might think of the values you live by every day. For instance, what drives you, and what core values inspired you to start your business?

You may also want to think of someone inspirational from your life. This could be a friend, parent, teacher, family member, or other influential person in your life. What traits or values did they have that you admired the most?  

You should then try to categorize these values and see if there is a central theme. Also, you must rank these in order of importance and select no more than the 10 top core values. Any more than that, and your company mission will become cluttered and overwhelmed.

Value Treasure Hunt: Digging Deep to Reveal Your Brand's Guiding Principles

4. Artfully Integrating Your Mission and Values into Your Brand Story

Your company mission is what endears your target customer base to your brand. With a well-crafted company mission statement, you’re not only defining your core values, but you’re also building trust.

One of the best ways to achieve this is through total brand transparency. 66% of customers surveyed believe that brand transparency is one of the most appealing qualities in a business. It involves being open and honest with your customer base about your practices and values.

By being transparent as a part of your brand storytelling, you’re building trust with your target customer base. This could entail focusing on sustainability in production and packaging or being upfront about the ingredients used.

Again, you should keep your core values simple so they are easy to remember. You also need to make them unique to your brand. 

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